cryosleep n.

= cold sleep n.

  • 1972 B. Bova Flight of Exiles xvii. 184 page image Ben Bova bibliography

    They’re putting Dan into cryosleep today. Dr. Tomaso says he can work on Dan’s neural patterns much more easily when the nerve impulses are slowed down by the low temperature.

  • 1979 A. D. Foster Alien i. 13 page image Alan Dean Foster bibliography

    For one thing, they were dripping wet from the preservative cryosleep fluid that had filled and surrounded their bodies.

  • 1983 B. Sterling Cicada Queen in Universe 13 179 page image Bruce Sterling bibliography

    She was ice-cold, sunk in some kind of alien cryosleep.

  • 1987 L. Niven, J. Pournelle, & S. Barnes Legacy of Heorot iii. 46 page image Larry Niven Steven Barnes Jerry Pournelle bibliography

    Were there dreams in cryosleep? The neurologists said no, but his memory said yes.

  • 1993 V. Milan From Depths xiv. 159 Victor Milán bibliography

    Which Kirk knew must have been next to nothing, given the space the cryosleep units and crude warp drive took up.

  • 2007 M. R. Kowal Chrysalis in Word Puppets (2015) 44 page image Mary Robinette Kowal bibliography

    I can’t pretend to follow the equations but apparently his treatise has the potential to unlock the space between stars. I might even see the practical application of it within my lifetime. Heck, I could travel back to Earth without the hassle of cryosleep.

  • 2015 T. Peak Inherit the Stars 313 Tony Peak bibliography

    Wondering why you keep going when you’ve got no one, nothing but a ship and the next jump, the next cryosleep?

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