coreward adj.

toward the center of a galaxy; cf. core n.

  • 1979 M. Miller Kinunir 38

    Had the battle gone the other way, the loss of both Yres and Menorb (the encounter ocurring midway between those two locations) would have forced the evacuation of Efate and meant the collapse of the entire coreward end of the Regina subsector.

  • 1982 L. Wiseman et al. Traveller, Supplement 11 7

    Because the sector system is rigid and geometrical, it is sometimes less than perfect in dealing with the real universe, and the Imperial government makes appropriate adjustments. For example, the Reft Sector lies astride the Great Rift, splitting its major population areas into two distinct regions. The rimward section has closer ties to the center of the Imperium, and is administered through the Verge sector; the coreward section is more colonial in nature, and is administered through the Deneb sector.

  • 1991 B. Searles On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 186/1 page image Baird Searles

    The story begins with the murder of an alien diplomat from the Coreward Alliance.

  • 2002 T. Huff Better Part of Valor i. 8 Tanya Huff bibliography

    He wants me on the next coreward shuttle. There'll be transportation arranged once I reach MidSector but he doesn’t actually say where I'm going.

  • 2011 G. L. Powell Recollection xxix. 222 page image Gareth L. Powell bibliography

    They were planning to ship out from the Quay together, as crewmembers on a Blue Star Trading vessel taking a run up the coreward stars to Nolton Relay, on the very edge of explored space.

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