cloak v.

to make invisible or undetectable, esp. by means of a cloaking device n.

Star Trek

  • 1984 D. Duane & P. Morwood The Romulan Way 148

    It amused her that a people who had attained warpflight and who had learned how to cloak something the size of a battlecruiser still couldn’t buy meat and vegetables without haggling like the feudal societies she had studied in college.

  • 1984 D. Duane My Enemy, my Ally 165 Diane Duane bibliography

    Fire burn it, we can build a device that can cloak a whole starship, but we can’t find a way to keep people’s hands from sweating.

  • 1995 D. W. Smith & K. K. Rusch Star Trek Voyager: Escape x. 110 Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch bibliography

    I don’t think so, Captain. It was almost as if the humanoid cloaked.

  • 2021 J. Swallow Dark Veil 260 James Swallow bibliography

    ‘Perhaps we should cloak,’ suggested Maian. ‘No. The time for stealth is over,’ she retorted.

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