space car n.

= spacecraft n.


  • 1928 F. Brueckel, Jr. Moon Men in Amazing Stories Nov. 720/1 page image Frank J. Brueckel, Jr. bibliography

    A low hum broke the intense stillness in the room of the space-car, and then we heard the low rumble of an engine.

  • 1935 J. W. Skidmore Epos of Posi & Nega in Amazing Stories Jan. 114/1 page image Joe W. Skidmore bibliography

    The space car, carrying hundreds of Vega travellers[,] and en route to earth, collided with an immense meteor.

  • 1942 R. Blahnik More Science Suspense in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 116/2 page image

    Ohโ€”ohโ€”here comes my space-car, Sargie. I gotta be flying to the land of Venus and keep that tea-time date with Sally.

  • 1980 S. Sucharitkul Rabid in Mallworld in Isaac Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction Magazine June 23 page image S. P. Somtow bibliography

    So far from accumulating spacecars and holovee sets and other possessions, I worked my tail off, washing dishes at the most glamorous restaurant in the whole solar system.

  • 2012 S. Cole Astrosaurs: The T. Rex Invasion 36 page image Stephen Cole bibliography

    Iggy and Gipsy zoomed over the empty desert, pushing Tuteโ€™s space-car to the limit as they raced back to the resort.

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Frank Brueckel, Jr., 'The Moon Men'

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