spaceward adv.

towards or in the direction of space

Also spacewards.

  • 1872 Scribner’s Monthly Mar. 624/2

    If their voices do, perforce, go up, will they be lost in the clatter of machinery, or whirled spaceward by aërial propellers?

  • 1932 C. D. Simak Mutiny on Mercury in Wonder Stories Mar. 1174/1 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    The ship, he saw, had nosed upward and was tearing spaceward.

  • 1940 D. W. O’Brien Suicide Squadrons of Space in Amazing Stories Aug. 12/1 page image David Wright O'Brien bibliography

    The reverberations of their engines smashed the air as they climbed spaceward.

  • 1949 ‘R. Lafayette’ Plague in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 8/1 L. Ron Hubbard bibliography

    At 11:67 [sic] the Star of Space lifted from her cradle, hovered and then slowly rose spacewards, doomed.

  • 1965 G. R. Dickson Catch a Tartar in Worlds of Tomorrow Sept. 28/1 page image Gordon R. Dickson bibliography

    The ship’s drive sprang to life. Together it, and Hank bolted spaceward.

  • 1988 A. C. Clarke 2061: Odyssey Three 155 Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    Most of the passengers, accustomed to climbing spacewards with no visible means of support, reacted with considerable shock.

  • 2009 C. Miéville Rope is the World in Three Moments of an Explosion (2015) 112 page image China Miéville bibliography

    Two were decoupled from their base-stations in audacious terrorist acts, a little carefully placed thermite that saw the vertical thread-cities suddenly and awfully yanked centripetal up from the Earth, trailing cables and spilling elevators and people, receding spaceward into dreadful orbit at speeds vastly too great for things so big.

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