Heinleinian adj.

of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Robert Heinlein

SF Criticism

  • 1956 L. Carter Inside Books in Inside & Science Fiction Advertiser (#14) Mar. 24 page image Lin Carter

    Here is ‘The Battle’, a theological story such as Tony Boucher writes; the charming satire ‘Skulking Permit’; the Heinleinian ‘A Ticket to Tranai’, and others.

  • 1956 F. J. Ackerman Scientifilm Previews in Nebula Dec. 106/1 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    Monster…starts taking over key humans à la the heinleinian Puppet Masters by birthing bat-like telepathically controlled messengers that attack people on the back of their necks and turn them into zombies.

  • 1969 ‘J. Merril’ in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 43/1 page image Judith Merril

    I also found Panshin’s Elder Philospher, Mr. Mbele, more agreeable than any Heinleinian counterpart since Waldo.

  • 1979 J. Gunn On the Road to Science Fiction in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 109 page image James E. Gunn

    The fictional debate resulted in a consensus future history that Wollheim summed up in The Universe Makers. It was not entirely Heinleinian, although Heinlein was the first writer to base his early stories on a consistent future.

  • 1994 J. Clute Is Science Fiction Out to Lunch? in J. Morrow Nebula Awards 28 6 John Clute bibliography

    Moreover, this Lunar world gives off an eerie Heinleinian glow, as does Hildy himself in the cocky slang of the voice in which he tells us his tale.

  • 2001 G. Dozois in M. Swanwick Being Gardner Dozois 76 Gardner Dozois

    There was a sort of vague polemical point in the back of my mind here, to show that a significant impact can be made upon a society by someone even if they are not particularly competent and Heinleinian and Campbellian. A non-super-man. I suppose you could contrast this with my first story, ‘The Empty Man,’ where the character is a Campbellian superhero.

  • 2010 D. Grace Anti-Heinleinian Hero of ‘The Last Canadian’ in Foundation Winter 61

    Several aspects of Gene Arnprior are strongly reminiscent of the typical Heinleinian hero, who is, of course, also in many respects the typical post-apocalyptic hero, though Heinlein rarely places his typical omnicompetent protagonist in such a scenario.

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