tractor field n.

= tractor beam n.


  • 1931 E. E Smith Spacehounds of IPC in Amazing Stories Sept. 565/1 page image Edward E. Smith

    We’ve got to hold them back some way—wonder if they can absorb a tractor field?

  • 1954 A. Lewis The Battle’s On in Dynamic Science Fiction Jan. 90 page image

    If there is no resistance to motion, explosives are miserably useless as weapons; therefore the importance of a tractor field.

  • 1968 J. Burns & C. Richards Tholian Web (Star Trek episode) (transcription)

    [Sulu:] Sir, the tractor field is activating. [Chekov:] We’re being pulled out of here.

  • 1970 W. Walling Rings on Her Fingers in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 23/1 page image

    The gentle tug of a tractor field relaxed him.

  • 1991 A. McCaffrey & E. Moon Sassinak 179 Anne McCaffrey Elizabeth Moon bibliography

    She nodded to Arly, who poured all remaining power to their tractor field.

  • 2006 J. Ringo & T. S. Taylor Von Neumann’s War 242 page image John Ringo Travis S. Taylor bibliography

    They’ve apparently got a limited range on this tractor field.

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"Doc" Smith, in Amazing Stories

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Katrina Campbell submitted a 1991 cite from Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Moon's "Sassinak".

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