space scientist n.

an expert or specialist in a branch of science that deal with regions beyond the earth or beyond Earth’s atmosphere, including astronomy, astrophysics, and exobiology

  • 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Impossible World in Startling Stories Mar. 28/2 page image

    There’s one man who might know—the Space Scientist!

  • 1951 Los Angeles Times Nov. 29 2/3

    Roasting of fliers on moon trip seen Constant splashing with water may help, space scientist says

  • 1961 R. Z. Gallun Planet Strappers iv. 65 page image Raymond Z. Gallun bibliography

    We always agreed that I should become a space-scientist.

  • 1975 S. T. Friedman Letter in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 158/1 page image

    Since 1970 I have been the only space scientist known to be devoting full time to Ufology.

  • 1999 About the Authors in C. Pellegrino & G. Zebrowski Star Trek: Next Generation: Dyson Sphere 233

    He has been described by Stephen Jay Gould as a space scientist who occasionally looks down and by Arthur C. Clarke as ‘the polymathic astro-geologist-nuclear physicist who happens to be the world’s first astro-paleontologist’.

  • 2013 G. R. R. Martin Introduction: Red Planet Blues in Old Mars xix page image George R. R. Martin bibliography

    And while the discovery of Martian life would no doubt be electrifying to biologists and space scientists around the world, there’s never been a microbe with the appeal of Dejah Thoris.

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