space science n.

the study of outer space

  • 1953 W. Bolton Looking Sideways in Lowell Sun 18 May 18/4

    This is imagination in showmanship, the dramatizing of scientific truths, the making of space science into a tangible graspable fact with no bug-eyed monsters, no Martians 11 feet tall with one green eye or Venusians with tentacles where their arms should be.

  • 1955 Edwardsville Intelligencer 30 July 1/3

    Western observers in Moscow believed Russia would accept the American offer to cooperate in space science as set forth in a White House announcement.

  • 1955 H. Kursh And Nowโ€”Space Cops? in N.Y. Times Magazine 28 Aug. 69/2

    But lots of heads will be getting together over this new problem posed by rocket power and space science and out of it all, if nothing else, may come a new conception of rules for behaviour in the community of nationsโ€”solar law, as distinct from international law.

  • 2013 S. Baxter Wheel of Ice 74 page image Stephen Baxter bibliography

    โ€˜I take it yer studied space science.โ€™ โ€˜Yes. In the City, I was a pure maths major, and went on to astrophysics and astrometry.โ€™

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