space pilot n.

a pilot of a spaceship

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1932 J. W. Campbell Invaders from Infinite in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 148/1 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    The change from the energy-less, flavored pastes that made up the principal bulk of a space-pilot’s diet, to prevent over-eating, when no energy was used in walking in the weightless ship, was indeed a welcome change.

  • 1937 A. L. Zagat Cavern of Shining Pool in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 73/1

    As a space pilot I should have been familiar with apparent changes of direction, deceptively due to misinterpretation of changes in acceleration, in rate of motion, by the monitors in our nervous system.

  • 1939 L.A. Eshbach Mutineers of Space in Dynamic Sci. Stories Feb. 77/1 page image

    My name is Jones—Walter Jones. Second-class space pilot just out of training school.

  • 1941 ‘E. W. Hunter’ Purple Light in Astounding Science Fiction June 121/1

    I shouldn’t, being a mere space pilot, have tried to think I was an atomic physicist.

  • 1953 I. E. Cox, Jr. Instant of Now in Fantastic Universe Aug.–Sept. 87/1 page image Irving E. Cox, Jr. bibliography

    When I've passed enough university hours I can take the promotional test and become a full-fledged space-pilot.

  • 1964 P. K. Dick Unteleported Man in Fantastic Stories Dec. 12/2 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    No matter how long the Lies Incorporated professional and ultra-veteran space-pilot kept the huge liner the Omphalos lost between planets, the components would be ‘held up unavoidably’.

  • 1980 Fangoria (#9) Nov. 64/1 page image

    A test-tube baby is raised by the government to serve as a lower-echelon space pilot.

  • 2015 Starburst (#417) Oct. 41 page image

    Why Parker is driving a car into space when Alan is a qualified space pilot is beyond us.

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