roboticized adj.

that is or has been made robotic


  • 1952 E. Wellen Origins of Galactic Slang in Galaxy Science Fiction July 43/2 page image Edward Wellen bibliography

    The F. E. G. [sc. ‘For Emotional Gratification’], a roboticized replica of a hated individual, was to be a psychic safety valve, a harmless outlet for emotions repressed because of danger of reprisal.

  • 1957 I. Asimov Naked Sun iii. 35 Isaac Asimov

    A thoroughly roboticized economy.

  • 1988 B. Bova Crisis of the Month in Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 100 page image Ben Bova bibliography

    Population growth was nicely levelling off. Inflation was minimal. Unemployment was a thing of the past, with an increasingly roboticized workforce encouraging humans to invest in robots, accept early retirement, and live off the productivity of their machines.

  • 2001 J. P. Telotte Science Fiction Film iii. vi. 166

    It sets about creating a kind of roboticized populace, one…that will assist in its own subjugation.

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