robotic adj.

of the nature of a robot; of or relating to robots; (also) that is a robot


  • 1928 Portsmouth (Ohio) Daily News 9 Apr. 4/6

    When you open your paper and find…circulaced for circulated…you just wonder whether or not the robotic mechanism in the composing-room is out of order.

  • 1941 I. Asimov Liar! in Astounding Science-Fiction May 50 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    You'd cut your own nose off before you'd let me get the credit for solving robotic telepathy.

  • 1957 B. Walton Security in Worlds of If Dec. 95/2 page image Bryce Walton bibliography

    Lewis went to the robotic barkeep and started drinking.

  • 1963 New Worlds Science Fiction Apr. 52

    Johnston wouldn’t have been…surprised to find out that more than half of the city’s population was robotic, no matter how cleverly they were disguised.

  • 1992 I. Lee No Sense of Humour in Interzone (#61) July 38/1 page image Ian Lee bibliography

    Dave Human is a robot of uncommon mettle. Unfortunately, he does not have long to live…. He knows that demise is part of the robotic (as of the human) condition and that at some point it is bound to become impending. He is prepared for this moment.

  • 2014 E. L. Davin Icarus at Noon in Year’s Best Military SF & Space Opera (2015) 179 page image Eric Leif Davin bibliography

    Based on Icarus, its orbit would never decay, as had so many other robotic solar observer spacecraft, plunging them into the Sun.

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