videophonic adj.

of or related to videophones or their use



  • 1949 A. E. van Vogt Players of Null-A in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 120/2 page image A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    The capture of the warships of the Greatest Empire made it possible to set up a chain of ships stretching to within eight hundred light-years of the nearest League base, which was just over nine thousand light-years distant. From that near point videophonic communication was established.

  • 1987 G. Nader Chrome 46 page image George Nader bibliography

    These communications were also displayed on a large-screen monitor set amongst the rest of the equipment…. Looking back, I realize there also had to have been a standard videophonic communication system…but I was never aware of it.

  • 1996 D. F. Wallace Infinite Jest 60 David Foster Wallace bibliography

    Screens so high-def you might as well be there, cost-effective videophonic conferencing, internal Froxx CD-ROM, electronic couture, all-in-one consoles, [etc.].

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