xenological adj.

of, or relating to, xenology

  • 1950 L. S. de Camp Hand of Zei in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 47/1 page image L. Sprague de Camp bibliography

    Where xenological investigations were concerned, George could take as detached and impersonal an attitude towards Krishnans as if they were microorganisms under his microscope.

  • 1953 Astounding Science Fiction June 122/1

    Charles Lackland, while conducting xenological investigations near the dome, encounters Barlennan, a native of the world, which he calls Mesklin.

  • 1969 P. Anderson Rebel Worlds (1972) 86 Poul Anderson bibliography

    I gather Cave Discoverer’s an explorer and adventurer. Heesh first met humans by seekin’ out a xenological camp 200 kilometers from home.

  • 1986 O. S. Card Speaker for Dead 299 Orson Scott Card

    It isn’t just good xenological procedure.

  • 1997 J. White Final Diagnosis xxvii. 265

    To their data-crammed minds was given the job of original research in xenological medicine and the diagnosis and treatment of new diseases in hitherto unknown lifeforms.

  • 1997 A. D. Foster Howling Stones 24 Alan Dean Foster

    What was someone like Seaforth doing running a xenological contact station in the wilds of a frontier world, even as comparatively benign a frontier world as Senisran?

  • 2001 J. E. Czerneda In Company Of Others 239 Julie E. Czerneda

    Titan U, in the persona of Secretary Vincente—the voice of power in the Department of Xenological Studies wasn’t pleased.

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