ftl adv.

at a speed faster than that of light

SF Encyclopedia


  • 1950 F. Leiber Enchanted Forest in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 111/2 page image Fritz Leiber bibliography

    ‘You fly fast, Elven.’…Elven agreed softly without looking around, and added, ‘FTL’—Meaning Faster Than Light.

  • 1958 D. Berry Intruder in Venture Science Fiction Mag. Mar. 81/2

    They tell me that I'm not actually traveling FTL, it just seems that way.

  • 1969 R. Meredith We All Died at Breakaway Station in Amazing Stories Mar. 73/2 page image Richard C. Meredith bibliography

    They'll probably stay sub-light… But would it help us to go FTL?

  • 2001 J. A. Gardner Ascending v. 48 James Alan Gardner

    Okay, toots…you’re on the air. And no matter what, keep talking till we're ready to go FTL.

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D. Berry, in Venture SF Mag.

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Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a reprint of Richard Meredith's "We All Died At Breakaway Station"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1969 first magazine appearance. Douglas Winston submitted a 2001 cite from James Alan Gardner's "Ascending".

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