blast-off n.

the initial thrust required to launch a rocket or the like into space; the launching of the rocket itself

  • 1937 A. L. Zagat Cavern of Shining Pool in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 70/1 page image Arthur Leo Zagat bibliography

    β€˜Make it so, mister,’ I acknowledged in the unforgotten jargon. β€˜Stand by for the blast-off.’ Not for nothing had I conned the plans of this latest product of the spaceship engineers, assuaging nostalgia in vicarious flight.

  • 1944 β€˜G. Vance’ Double-Cross on Mars in Amazing Stories Sept. 151/1 page image William P. McGivern bibliography

    Terry settled back in his seat and studied the rear visi-screen. Visible in it was a long, gleaming line of fighter-ships, in blast-off formation, on the Martian space field.

  • 1948 E. Fennel Synthetic Hero Fall 99/1

    Carlin spent the night before blast-off alone in his desert villa.

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Arthur Leo Zagat, 'The Cavern of the Shining Pool'

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1948 cite from Erik Fennel's "Synthetic Hero". Fred Galvin submitted a 1944 cite from "Double-Cross on Mars" by "Sgt. Gerald Vance" (apparently a house pseudonym used for this story by William P. McGivern) Fred Galvin submitted a 1937 cite from "The Cavern of the Shining Pool", by Arthur Leo Zagat

Earliest cite in the OED: 1951

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