precog n. 1

a person with precognitive abilities; cf. earlier precog v.


  • 1954 P. K. Dick in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 10/1 Philip K. Dick bibliography

    He kept on talking to the Norm-class officials grouped around the two Precogs.

  • 1956 P. K. Dick Minority Report in Fantastic Universe Jan. 7/1 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    The precogs must see quite far into the future.

  • 1960 J. White High Road in New Worlds Science Fiction May 120 page image James White bibliography

    We had no transport ourselves, and when one of the men, a limited Pre-cog, sensed a car coming in a few minutes we put him beside the road knowing that that way he would have medical attention quickly.

  • 1969 P. K. Dick Ubik 7 Philip K. Dick

    I can’t keep in mind at all times which inertials are following what teep or precog.

  • 1969 A. McCaffrey in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Feb. 12/1 Anne McCaffrey

    I'll bear down heavily on the scientific corroboration of authentic foresights…the use of computers to correlate details and estimate reliability of data, the fact that sometimes three and four pre-cogs come up with the same incident, seen from different angles.

  • 1974 J. Trenholm Julie in Worlds of If Sept.–Oct. 138/2 page image Jan Trenholm bibliography

    I'll grant you that she’s not your normal seventeen year old kid. But she’s a pre-cog!

  • 1986 Toronto Star (Nexis) 18 May a19

    The psychics, the palm readers, the astrologers, the precogs and all the various and assorted occultniks that afflict our society.

  • 2016 Starburst (#425) June 45/2 page image

    Psylocke—the precog martial artist twin sister of Captain Britain, who had recently been introduced to the X-books—was on hand to temporarily take down Sabretooth.

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Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1973 reprint of Philip K. Dick's "Ubik".
Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a reprint of Anne McCaffrey's "A Womanly Talent"; Mike Christie verified the original 1969 magazine appearance.
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a reprint of Philip K. Dick's "The Minority Report"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1956 original magazine appearance.
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a reprint of Philip K. Dick's "A World of Talent"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1954 original magazine appearance.

Earliest cite in OED2: 1973; updated to 1954 in OED3.

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