unsuited adv.

without wearing a spacesuit

Also as adj.: not wearing a spacesuit.

  • 1957 H. Ellison Blank... in Infinity Science Fiction June 103/1 page image Harlan Ellison bibliography

    โ€˜Snap [i.e. leave] the ship,โ€™ he snarled at her, aiming the blaster. โ€˜I'm unsuited,โ€™ she replied.

  • 1966 F. Herbert Destination: Void 137 Frank Herbert bibliography

    Goodness and mercy? That was anything which preserved the hope that you could one day walk unsuited beneath an open sky.

  • 1981 B. Shaw Galactic Tours 13 Bob Shaw bibliography

    Our picture shows the practice areas in use by suited and unsuited vacationers, the illusion of actually being in space enhanced by the sight of a shuttle craft approaching one of the stationโ€™s receiving bays.

  • 1994 D. Weber Field of Dishonor (1997) 126 David Weber bibliography

    It'll simplify our boat traffic enormously, and with pressure in the bay galleries again, we wonโ€™t have to worry about the integrity of the emergency seals on CIC. That means the yard dogs can work unsuited in the compartment, which should cut a few days off the schedule for that, too.

  • 2002 K. Schroeder Permanence viii. 126 Karl Schroeder bibliography

    Michael felt his spirits lift at the prospect of walking unsuited in the air and feeling a real sun on his face.

  • 2012 T. Reynolds View Through the Window in Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction Aug. 63 page image Ted Reynolds bibliography

    Pei Li caught her breath as she recognized the unsuited figure of a space-breather.

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Katrina Campbell submitted a 1981 cite from Bob Shaw's "Galactic Tours".
Mike Christie submitted a 1966 cite from Frank Herbert's "Destination: Void"; the cite does not appear in the 1965 magazine version.
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a 1997 reprint of David Weber's 1994 "Field of Dishonor".
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 2003 reprint of Karl Schroeder's 2002 "Permanence".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1957 cite from Harlan Ellison in Infinity Science Fiction.

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