spacing n. 2

the act of executing a person by forcing them into space without a spacesuit; cf. space v. 2

  • 1972 D. Gerrold Yesterday's Children 122 David Gerrold

    β€˜Hey, does anybody know what the penalty for mutiny is?’ β€˜Last I heard, it was death by spacing.’

  • 1987 T. R. McDonough Architects of Hyperspace 62 Thomas R. McDonough bibliography

    But what do you know about spacing? Have you ever been trapped in a vacuum with only seconds of air left?

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D. Gerrold 'Starhunt'

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Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1985 reprint of David Gerrold's "Starhunt"; Douglas Winston verified the cite in the 1972 first edition, which was published as "Yesterday's Children".

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