Jovian n. 2

the language of Jovians


  • 1932 E. Hamilton Conquest of Two Worlds in Wonder Stories Feb. 1052/1 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    Halkett had learned the Jovian language and proved a good ambassador.

  • 1938 J. R. Fearn Zagribud in Amazing Stories Apr. 75/2 page image John Russell Fearn bibliography

    ‘Well?’ he demanded curtly, also speaking Jovian with difficulty with my Earthly voice. ‘What is it?’

  • 1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Science-Fiction July 19/1 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    It was a roundabout way, a long way, an awkward way to read the language of Mars, Monk reflected. Martian to Jovian to Earthian. But it was better than no way at all.

  • 1956 R. A. Heinlein Double Star in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 47/1 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    The Martian language gave me my greatest worry. Like most actors, I had picked up enough Martian, Venusian, Outer Jovian, et cetera, to be able to fake in front of a camera or on stage.

  • 1984 S. H. Elgin Native Tongue xviii. 208 Suzette Haden Elgin bibliography

    ‘It’s not just lessons all the time, then? So long as you’re talking Jovian, for example, you could be talking about dinner or the threedies or anything else at all?’ ‘That’s quite right, Mrs. Landry,’ said Jennifer. ‘There is of course no such language as Jovian—but you have the rest of it right.’

  • 2009 K. O’Neill Selections From O’Neill Notebook in Stuff ’n Nonsense 66 page image

    Tried to start my novel again yesterday—an alien from Jupiter enters Wimbledon but gets knocked out at the quarter finals. Something to do with the fact that the phrase ‘New Balls’ is an insult in Jovian. I worry that some people might find this a little implausible.

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John Russell Fearn, in Amazing Stories

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Ralf Brown submitted a cite from a 1964 reprint of Robert A. Heinlein's "Double Star", which Mike Christie verified in the novel's original 1956 serialization in Astounding.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1943 cite from Clifford Simak's "Hunch".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted an 1938 cite from John Russell Fearn.
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2009 cite from Kevin O'Neill.

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