galactographic adj.

relating to galactography n.


  • 1950 I. Asimov …And Now You Don't in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 115/1 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    Nor were the galactographic verities of the situation lost upon Stettin.

  • 1966 L. Carter Crown of Stars in Worlds of Tomorrow Nov. 21/1 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    What did the numbers mean? ‘107-A-sM.’ It was not a phone number, or a homing-system wavelength, and certainly not a set of galactographic coordinates.

  • 1969 E. Hamilton Horror from Magellanic in Amazing Stories May 11/1 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    Is there some place here where we can make some galactographic computations?

  • 1996 D. Brin Infinity’s Shore (1998) viii. 459 page image David Brin bibliography

    ‘Over the course of tens of millions of years, only one solution has ever been found for this enduring paradox. This solution consists of the continuing application of pragmatic foresight in the interests of the common good. In other words—civilization.’ — from A Galactographic Tutorial of Ignorant Wolfling Terrans, a special publication of the Library Institute of the Five Galaxies, year 42 EC, in partial satisfaction of the debt obligation of 35 EC.

  • 2008 ‘I. Douglas’ Galactic Corps xiv. 217 William H. Keith, Jr. bibliography

    The most distant Commonwealth colony was a research outpost on Madoc, two hundred fifty light years from Sol. The Islamic Theocracy was thought to have some colonies even farther away, out in the direction of Scorpius and Libra, but for obvious reasons they tended not to share galactographic details of their empire with the Commonwealth.

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