galactographer n.

one who maps the physical structure of galaxies; an expert in galactography n.


  • 1965 E. Hamilton in Amazing Stories Apr. 24/2 Edmond Hamilton

    Early galactographers had defined it as that part of the galaxy which lay between the eastern and southern kingdoms, and the edge of the island-universe.

  • 1970 L. Carter Star Rogue i. 20 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    For to open up another galaxy, even a small one like the G.M.C., is colossal. Think of the man-power needed for such a project. Think of the varieties of man-power—hundreds of sciences were involved. You would need pilots, galactographers, linguists, communications experts, engineers, planetographers, telepathicists, diplomats, government representatives, diovonicists, doctors, naval personnel, tacticians, biologists, ecologists, and just about every other kind of ologist you could think of.

  • 1982 I. Asimov Foundation’s Edge 99 Isaac Asimov

    And concerning six hundred and forty thousand populated worlds there is almost no information other than their names and sometimes the location. Some galactographers have estimated that there may be up to ten thousand inhabited planets that aren’t listed at all.

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any evidence 1965

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Edmond Hamilton, "Return to the Stars"

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Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of Isaac Asimov's "Foundation's Edge"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1982 first edition.
Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from Edmond Hamilton's "Return to the Stars"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1965 first magazine appearance.

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