sf n.

= science fiction n. 2

Regarded by fans as the proper ‘serious’ abbreviation for science fiction n. 2, in contrast with sci-fi n., which is seen as being used only by outsiders, or among insiders to ridicule poor examples of science fiction.

SF Encyclopedia

SF Criticism

  • 1929 Science Wonder Stories June 92/3 page image

    [In a list of proposed titles for a science-fiction magazine:] The S.F. Magazine. (Science-Fiction).

  • 1936 The Third Science Fiction Test in Wonder Stories Feb. 882/1 page image

    The correct abbreviation for ‘science fiction’ is: (1) sfn. (2) sci-fic. (3) stn. (4) s-f.

  • 1954 I. Asimov in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 69 (title) Isaac Asimov

    The foundation of S.F. success.

  • 1977 P. K. Dick in We can Remember It for you Wholesale (1994) 493 Philip K. Dick

    I used to dig in the garden, and there is nothing fantastic or ultradimensional about crab grass…unless you are an sf writer, in which case pretty soon you are viewing crab grass with suspicion.

  • 1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun ii. 17 Sharyn McCrumb bibliography

    How about SF? Who do you read?

  • 1991 Locus Nov. 5/3

    We’re using more and more speculative non-fiction from sf writers.

  • 1993 Science Fiction Age Jan. 8/2

    Yet you’re planning to feature fantasy also. Mistake—S.F. fans don’t really want fantasy, or else they'd request it.

  • 1994 SFRA Review July 9

    It includes only SF and fantasy fiction by professional writers.

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