escape pod n.

a small, minimally equipped spacecraft for emergency use; = lifeboat n.

SF Encyclopedia


  • 1976 G. Lucas Star Wars 14 George Lucas

    Threepio stared, mesmerized, out the small viewport set in the front of the tiny escape pod as the hot yellow eye of Tatooine began to swallow them up.

  • 1991 A. McCaffrey & E. Moon Generation Warriors 101 Anne McCaffrey Elizabeth Moon bibliography

    Thinking of Sassinak reminded him again of her experience in the escape pod.

  • 1998 D. Duane Starrise at Corrivale 131 Diane Duane bibliography

    Both of them had been gutted for salvage but could easily be refitted to house either a sensor bay or even a small weapons compartment. The ship’s escape pod had also been salvaged, but its housing bay seemed in good shape.

  • 1998 E. Moon Rules of Engagement 58 Elizabeth Moon bibliography

    A buddy stuffed me in an escape pod, and when old Cutlass was blown, I was safely away.

  • 2001 T. Zahn Angelmass 329 Timothy Zahn bibliography

    EmDef can have a transport to them in twenty minutes… There’s also a double ring of emergency escape pods set around the tube connecting the catapult and net sections of the station.

  • 2002 P. McAuley Making History 87 Paul J. McAuley bibliography

    ‘It fell into Saturn.’ ‘The scow did, yes. But before it took its dive, it travelled most of the way around the planet within the ring system, long enough to drop off its passengers and cargo in escape pods.’

  • 2002 T. Huff Better Part of Valor 317 Tanya Huff bibliography

    Torin leaned forward, staring through the window into a gray padded interior. It looked like no escape pod she'd ever seen either, but—in a weird way—it looked like all of them.

  • 2019 Y. H. Lee Dragon Pearl xix. 155 Yoon Ha Lee bibliography

    The ensign turned to me. ‘Cadet Jang, tell me another problem with being stuck in a Gate.’ ‘We can’t depart the ship,’ I said. I’d been thinking about this ever since I’d heard of the deserters. ‘No extravehicular activity—no leaving on shuttles or in escape pods, nothing.’

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