scientifiction n.

= science fiction n. 2

Now chiefly hist.

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  • 1916 H. Gernsback in Electrical Experimenter Jan. 474/1 Hugo Gernsback

    I am supposed to report Münchhaussen’s [sic] doings; am supposed to be writing fiction, scientifiction, to be correct.

  • 1938 Tales of Wonder No. 2 123 (advt.)

    Scientifiction: The British Fantasy Review.

  • 1941 Thrilling Wonder Stories Jan. 122 page image

    You're not a full-fledged scientifiction fan unless you own a membership card in the Science Fiction League. Thousands of science-fictioneers the world over belong to this active, international organization devoted to fantasy fans' fraternization.

  • 1942 ‘H. H. Holmes’ Rocket to Morgue 135 Anthony Boucher

    But infinite numbers of pulp paper scientifiction magazines and those curious mimeographed fan bulletins that are known by the portmanteau name of fanzines, a complete set of Fowler Foulkes, almost as reverently bound as Hilary’s, a goodly lot of Shiel and Stapledon.

  • 1951 M. Gibbs Letter in Marvel Science Stories May 120/2 page image

    Why should scientifiction magazines publish only scientifiction?

  • 1986 W. Gibson Burning Chrome Pref. 10 William Gibson

    It’s a devastating refutation of ‘scientifiction’ in its guise as narrow technolatry.

  • 1994 C. Platt Carnival of Angst in Interzone Sept. 33/2 page image Charles Platt bibliography

    It catalyzed the growing awareness of style and technique in science fiction and interrupted the tradition of clumsy formula writing which had persisted, in various guises, ever since the birth of ‘scientifiction’ in the 1920s.

  • 2008 J. Walton Half a Crown xv. 183 page image Jo Walton bibliography

    We surprised the maid, who was sitting down reading a battered copy of the old scientifiction novel Nineteen Seventy-Four.

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