filk singer n.

one who sings filk songs

SF Fandom

  • 1979 M. M. Keller & S. Anderson Decomposers page image

    The Cast…. Filksinger…Elliot Kay Shorter.

  • 1982 Sikander (#7) June (unpaginated) page image

    The Filk Singer—what a concept!… a second generation fan named, let us say, Ayjay Ellison, has abandoned the fanzine fan traditions of his parents…. Ayjay must choose between his tinsel filksinger milieu and the meaningful fan responsibilities.

  • 1987 Anvil (#45) Aug. 21 page image

    It'd be a real hoot to hear Weburn followed by John Jacob Niles followed by some filksinger.

  • 1997 Aurora Award Nominations for Canadian SF & Fantasy in Science Fiction Chronicle Oct. 7/2 page image

    Fan Achievement/Other: Judith Hayman (filk-singer); [etc.].

  • 1999 M. Resnick Worldcon Memories (Part 3) in Mimosa (#24) Aug. 16/1 page image Mike Resnick

    This was the biggest, longest masquerade in history. This was before the 60-second limitation (and may well have been the catalyst for it). It seemed like every filksinger in the world went in costume and that each sang his or her entire repertoire. There was a Wizard of Oz group that was not content to sing one song from the film; they had to sing the entire score.

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