rocket-ship n.

a spacecraft powered by rockets



  • 1925 N.Y. Times 22 Nov. ix. 4/1

    What if…large passenger-carrying rocket-ships could be launched into the void beyond the zone of the earth’s downward pull?

  • 1928 P. F. Nowlan Armageddon—2419 A.D. in Amazing Stories Aug. 429/1 page image Philip Francis Nowlan bibliography

    No means of conveyance other than the belts called jumpers, almost constantly worn by everybody, and an occasional rocket ship, used only for longer journeys.

  • 1940 A. E. van Vogt Slan in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 37/1 A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    Could he dare slide down that glass-smooth slipway when any second a rocketship in all the fury and power of irresistible motion could come smashing up toward the sky?

  • 1950 P. Anderson Star Ship in Planet Stories Fall 73/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    None of them had ever built a rocketship, had ever seen one in action even. It was centuries obsolete in Galactic civilization. But gravity drives were out of the question.

  • 1955 ‘M. Leinster’ Scrimshaw in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 131/2 page image Murray Leinster

    There was a warning-bell in the shack, and when a rocketship from Lunar City got above the horizon and could send a tight beam, the gong clanged loudly.

  • 1970 D. Kyle Some Dreams Come in Packages in J. Carnell New Writings in SF 18 149 page image David A. Kyle bibliography

    The rocketship was travelling westwards, drawing a thin, grey line of exhaust across the rich blue of the evening sky.

  • 2009 J. Meno Great Perhaps 248

    The rocket ship had been sent from the dastardly Planet X.

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