jumpspace n.

hyperspace n.; the (notional) space in which ships travel during a jump


  • 1961 H. Harrison Sense of Obligation in Analog Science Fact & Fiction Sept. 26/2 page image Harry Harrison bibliography

    The ship was unchanged, only outside of the port was the red-shot blankness of jump space.

  • 1969 P. Anthony Macroscope (1972) 461 page image Piers Anthony bibliography

    No other drone-moon returnees were discovered. Evidently a number had been dispatched, but were either lost in the uncharted configurations of jumpspace or had arrived but not been located in or near the Milky Way.

  • 1977 G. Zebrowski Ashes & Stars 27 George Zebrowski bibliography

    His skin was growing pale here, as if the few days had really been years. What was time in jumpspace?

  • 1983 N. Spinrad Void Captain’s Tale (1984) 91 Norman Spinrad bibliography

    ‘Into Jump Space itself?’ I blurted. Argus gave me a superior look. ‘Jump Space is a mathematical contradiction in terms.’

  • 1986 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Chanur’s Homecoming 95 C. J. Cherryh bibliography

    Stsho did that, because stsho minds also had trouble in jumpspace.

  • 1994 E. Moon Sporting Chance 326 Elizabeth Moon bibliography

    Not good at all. The Benignity has bases on the larger moons of this big lump of gravity we’re too close to, and the way we dropped out of jumpspace on their doorstep, they could hardly miss us.

  • 2000 J. Doohan & S. M. Stirling Independent Command vii. 146 S. M. Stirling bibliography

    Reality twisted, and if Raeder’s stomach hadn’t already been knotted with tension he would have lost all interest in food. They found themselves spat out of jumpspace into the vicinity of a small yellow sun.

  • 2014 B. R. Torgersen Chaplain’s War (2015) 412 page image Brad R. Torgersen bibliography

    We have come out of jumpspace into the middle of a battle!

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Harry Harrison, in Analog

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