jump engine n.

= jump drive n.



  • 1981 Universe: Roleplaying Game of Future 74/2

    A jump engine does not consume energy; however, with the exception of the augmented jump pod, all hyperjump engines lose their stability after a time.

  • 1984 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Voyager In Night iv. 69 C. J. Cherryh

    It knew we were there, knew how small we were. We couldn’t support jump engines. It damn well knew.

  • 2000 J. McDevitt Infinity Beach 17 Jack McDevitt

    Jump engines…moved starships into and out of hyperspace.

  • 2000 L. Norman Stronghold Rising ii. 69

    ‘Jump engines on-line,’ said Chima. ‘Necessary velocity and height achieved, Captain.’ ‘ Jump,’ he said. ‘Is Control tracking us?’ he asked the comms operator as the familiar pulse of energy from the jump engines pushed them briefly back into their seats.

  • 2001 S. Shwartz Second Chances 167

    This was why we'd come this far inside Alliance, for an upgrade of the Jump engines, reinforcement of Gavroche’s sixty-year-old hull, and rebuilding of our cargo bays to let the ship make the longest hauls.

  • 2001 S. Zettel Kingdom of Cages iv. 95

    Their jump engines are fried. They were trying to make it through normal space.

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