science-fictive adj.

relating to or characteristic of science fiction n. 2; science fictional adj.

SF Criticism

  • 1953 P. S. Miller Reference Library in Astounding Science-Fiction July 154/2 page image P. Schuyler Miller

    Sir Charles makes several interesting suggestions with science-fictive possibilities.

  • 1956 E. Janeway In Search of Self in N.Y. Times Book Review 28 Oct. 7/2

    Science-fictive effects give this weird tale a speciously contemporary aspect, but what M. Vercors wishes to establish is the old position that any incommunicable personal experience is valueless just because it is incommunicable.

  • 1982 S. Sucharitkul The What March? in Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction 87 page image S. P. Somtow

    It isnโ€™t in the usual run of the music I write; never, to my knowledge, has the school of neo-Asian post-serialism come up with even a single march, let alone a science-fictive oneโ€ฆ. To begin with, this isnโ€™t science fiction music at all.

  • 1993 P. Iyer Dictionary for these Times in Time June 14 80/1

    Dear Mr. Martian, I understand you may be somewhat confused by the topsy-turvy, science-fictive ways you encounter here on our alien planet.

  • 1998 P. Iyer in Wired Aug. 107/1

    Cyberspace has reinvented our sense of habitat by giving us a new dimension to inhabit: in doing so, it has made literal all our once science fictive notions of seeing the world without leaving the house, or dwelling in a custom-made community with no physical borders.

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