science-fictioner n.

a science fiction film or TV show

SF Criticism

  • 1949 L. B. Drake Whimsy & Whamsy in Arkham Sampler Winter 88 page image Leah Bodine Drake bibliography

    Dealing with dryads, gnomes, the Great God Pan (in his gentler aspect), and kind-hearted ape-men rather oftener than with rockets to Venus and such usual props of the science-fictioner, the author has culled, he says, the best of his publishing.

  • 1952 I. Spear Hollywood Report in Boxoffice 9 Aug. 26/2

    Another independent, Maxwell Shane, bought a science-fictioner, ‘Survival’, by Thomas C. Gilchrist.

  • 1953 Variety 2 Sept. 27/1

    Assuming the flaws will be corrected within the next couple of showings…the science fictioner should make good juvenile viewing.

  • 1954 F. Ackerman Fantasy Film Flashes in Imagination Dec. 108/2 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    Arthur Hilton, seeking a swash-buckling science fictioner has been shown ‘The Kingslayer’ by L. Ron Hubbard. For production in England, Hilton is also considering a choice of a screen treatment of Time Wants a Skeleton by Ross Rocklynne and the Ackermans (Forrest & Wendayne), ‘The Dark Other’ by Stanley G. Weinbaum, and The Secret of the Snow Men by Charles Beaumont & John Tomerlin.

  • 1970 Famous Monsters of Filmland (#64) Apr. 21/2 page image

    His film was a science fictioner titled The Bubble, about people trapped in a small town, unable to leave because of a mysterious ‘bubble’ that surrounds them.

  • 1999 Press (Christchurch, N.Z.) (Nexis) 3 Dec. 20

    The Matrix. Visually stylish science-fictioner with a plot that keeps you guessing.

  • 2016 SciFiNow (#124) 96/2 page image

    Pre-publicity for this parallel Earth science-fictioner…suggested that this would be an X-certificate breakaway.

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