science-fictionist n.

a writer or aficionado of science fiction n. 2

SF Criticism

  • 1929 A. Browne Letter in Science Wonder Stories Aug. 279/2 page image

    Moved by a vast curiosity we beseech the science fictionist to create new tools and adapt them to use. We delight in the warp of Romance woven into the cloth of Fancy.

  • 1932 R. F. Hester Letter in Amazing Stories Jan. 952/2 page image

    The chief function of the science fictionist is to entertain and broaden the minds of his audience.

  • 1936 W. Conover Letter in Astounding Stories Feb. 157/1 page image

    The aforementioned story is not the science-fiction type, meaning that it is not the sensational type that makes every science-fictionist heart beat faster.

  • 1954 A. K. King Letter in Planet Stories Fall 55/1 page image

    A very convenient place to stop as we have, as yet, no conception of gases of negative pressure; but just surely the place for a Science-Fictionist to start.

  • 1978 A. E. van Vogt Interview in Galileo #8 8/3 page image A. E. van Vogt

    I am known as a hardcore science fictionist.

  • 1991 Locus Sept. 72/3

    It’s flattering, in a perverse sort of way, to keep getting awards even from a country that persists in stealing your work. But isn’t there some way that the international community of science-fictionists can persuade these guys to ask permission before taking stuff?

  • 1998 R. Silverberg in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 7/2 page image Robert Silverberg

    I've tried to absorb them casually, like the forward-looking science-fictionist I've been for most of my live: simply nodding with quiet pleasure at each stunning announcement.

  • 2007 W. Mosley Killing Johnny Fry 260 page image Walter Mosley

    There were a few customers looking at photographs of lichen growing on boulders in different parts of the world. The formations were like maps of alien planets drawn up by astronomers or science fictionists.

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