science fictioneer n.

a writer or aficionado of science fiction

SF Fandom

  • 1936 B. Biersach Letter in Astounding Stories Nov. 155/2 page image

    Leinster is a writer first, a science-fictioneer, second. As a result he never loses sight of that fundamental to successful writing—the story.

  • 1938 Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 88/1 page image

    Apparently Wells will never return to the kind of tales which first made his fame. A great science fictioneer has become a dull and prosy preacher.

  • 1939 Amazing Stories Dec. 131/1 page image

    It attracted visitors from both ends of the nation—attesting to the persistent popularity of the oldest amazing story in our adopted religious folklore recorded by that pioneer science fictioneer, Moses.

  • 1940 Thrilling Wonder Stories Nov. 8/1

    We wonder how you science-fictioneers would have greeted the theorists of the year 600!

  • 1941 Thrilling Wonder Stories Jan. 122

    You're not a full-fledged scientifiction fan unless you own a membership card in the Science Fiction League. Thousands of science-fictioneers the world over belong to this active, international organization devoted to fantasy fans' fraternization.

  • 1946 F. J. Ackerman in Astounding Science-Fiction May 93/1 Forrest J. Ackerman

    The 4th World Science-Fiction Convention, first full-scale meeting of science-fictioneers since 1941, will be held in Los Angeles on July 4-5-6-7.

  • 1960 Fantastic May 35 page image

    In future issues, Mr. Moskowitz will analyze the ideas, skills and contributions of such outstanding men as Stapledon, Capek, Gernsback, M. P. Shiel, H. F. Heard, and Philip Wylie (whose exploits as a science-fictioneer are overshadowed by his exploits as a professional nose-thumber).

  • 1994 Interzone Apr. 64/2

    Science-fictioneers such as Robert Sheckley, Joe Haldeman and Frederik Pohl.

  • 2016 J. Lovegrove Worth the Weight? in SFX (#279) Nov. 39 page image James Lovegrove

    I have volunteered to write a 750-word review of it for the Financial Times. As that newspaper’s tame science fictioneer…I am unquestionably the man for the job.

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