cyberpunk n. 2

an author of, or protagonist in, cyberpunk n. 1

Now chiefly historical.

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  • 1984 G. Dozois Science Fiction in the Eighties in Washington Post Book World 30 Dec. 9/1 Gardner Dozois

    About the closest thing here to a self-willed esthetic ‘school’ would be the purveyors of bizarre hard-edged, high-tech stuff, who have on occasion been referred to as ‘cyberpunks’—Sterling, Gibson, Shiner, Cadigan, Bear.

  • 1988 Locus Apr. 15/3

    If California gonzo or the reigning punks (cyber and steam) don’t satisfy your taste for the unpredictable, try Jo Clayton’s Blue Magic.

  • 1990 L. Marsa & D. Ray Crime Bytes Back in Omni Aug. 96/2 page image

    Cyberpunks, the second generation of computer hackers, subscribe to an arcane code of honor and look upon cracking supposedly impenetrable networks as a challenging rite of passage.

  • 1991 Fantasy Spring 37/1

    What do you think of the experimental, and often deliberately controversial, fiction of the New Wave, Cyberpunks, etc.?

  • 1991 Locus Sept. 23/1

    Far more potent, at least for now, would be such figures as the cyberpunk antihero, the youth in search of his manhood, or even the citizen-soldier whose personal and political values are clear and untarnished by moral ambiguity or complexity.

  • 1993 SFRA Rev. May 49

    Either a work from the mainstream…from cyberpunk writers…or from pre-1926 science fictional works.

  • 2009 J. P. Kelly On the Net in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 10/1 page image James Patrick Kelly

    He centered his narrative on the alleged literary wars between the cyberpunks and the humanists, which was actually more like contretemps than combat, but let that go.

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