Subject: SF Fandom

Terms used among fans, esp. terms used to discuss fan-related activities.

Word Definition
skiffy n. (1973) = sci-fi n.
slan n. (1940) a science fiction fan: used in self-reference
slash n. (1984) a subgenre of fiction, originally published in fanzines and now esp. online, in which characters who appear together in popular films or other media are portrayed as having a sexual (esp. homosexual) relationship
smof n. (1970) a fan who is very active in fandom and in particular with organizing conventions
smof v. (1968) to talk with fans about organizing conventions or related fan activity
Spider-Man principle n. (2003) the adage โ€˜with great power comes great responsibilityโ€™
stef n. (1940) = stf n.
stf n. (1931) = science fiction n. 2
stfcon n. (1942) a science fiction fan convention
stfdom n. (1944) the realm of science fiction
stfnal adj. (1937) = science fictional adj.
tanstaafl n. (1949) (used as a proverb to assert that everything has a cost, hidden or otherwise)
thionite n. (1937) an addictive drug which induces euphoric dreams
time binding n. (1921) in General Semantics: the characteristically human ability to transmit knowledge to succeeding generations by means of (written) language; (hence, in Fandom) the act of documenting fannish activities
trekker n. (1967) an admirer of the U.S. television programme Star Trek
trekkie n. (1968) an admirer of the U.S. television programme Star Trek
trufan n. (1954) a science fiction fan who adheres to the ideals and practices of fandom
trufandom n. (1954) the state of being a trufan; excellence in fannish behavior
unfannish adj. (1943) (of a person) failing to be fannish; not having the attributes of a dedicated or obsessive fan; (also, of writing, organizations, etc.) not interesting to or characteristic of dedicated fans
Whovian n. (1982) a fan of the British television series Doctor Who
WKF n. (1953) someone who is moderately prominent within a particular fandom; cf. BNF n.
Worldcon n. (1942) the annual World Science Fiction Convention
X-Phile n. (1994) a fan of the TV show The X-Files
zine n. (1941) = fanzine n.