Subject: Language

The names of languages, esp. alien ones.

Word Definition
Anglic n. (1950) a future language descended from Modern English
Callistan n. 2 (1941) the language of Callistans
conlang n. (1991) an artificially created language; esp. a language invented to represent the speech of an alien race
Earthian n. 2 (1943) a language spoken on Earth, esp. a universal language spoken widely by Earth people
Earthish n. (1956) a universal language of Earth; = Earthian n. 2
Europan n. 2 (1930) the language of Europans
Galactic n. 2 (1954) a language commonly spoken throughout the galaxy; cf. Standard n.
Jovian n. 2 (1938) the language of Jovians
Klingon n. (1967) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race, characterized by authoritarian brutality and a strict code of honor; (also) the language of this race, now widely studied as an artificial language
Martian n. 2 (1900) the language of Martians
Neptunian n. 2 (1930) the language of Neptunians
newspeak n. (1949) the artificial language used for official propaganda in the dystopia of Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four; (hence): any corrupt form of English; esp. ambiguous or euphemistic language as used in official pronouncements or political propaganda
Plutonian n. 2 (1952) the language of Plutonians
Saturnian n. 2 (1935) the language of Saturnians
Sirian n. 2 (1949) the language of Sirians
Standard n. (1952) (the name of) a language spoken on multiple worlds or by multiple species; the common language of a group or place; cf. Galactic n. 2
Terran n. 2 (1952) a common language spoken on Earth or by Earthlings
universal translator n. (1949) a device, computer system, etc. that (instantaneously) translates among languages
Vegan n. 2 (1942) the language of Vegans
Venerian n. 2 (1948) the language of Venerians
Venusian n. 2 (1931) the language of Venusians
xenolinguist n. (1955) one who studies alien languages