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planetquake n. 1887 J. A. W. Oliver Earthquake Warnings in Murray’s Magazine June 817 But why should Jupiter and Saturn exercise such a particular influence on the earth when they attain these longitudes? M. Delauney answers that when in those longitudes the planets encounter meteor swarms, and just as earthquakes are rather numerous in November, when the earth passes through a meteor stream, so they reach a maximum when either of the planets undergoes the same experience. By strict parity of reasoning, it is planet-quakes that ought to ensue upon these conditions, not earthquakes; but to a bold theorist like M. Delauney that is a trifle. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1941 M. A. Rothman Convention of 1960 in Milty’s Mag June 5 The hyperspatial transition—and what it means! This planetquake between two planets that exist simultaneously across hyperspace—portions of each planet changing position! 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1965 F. Saberhagen Masque of Red Shift in If Nov. iii. 41/2 You are an accident, like a planet-quake, like a pellet of dust hitting a ship near light-speed. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1934 S.O.S. from Saturn in Scoops 12 May 414/3 Blowed if that ain’t the limit. What are you fellows getting at? A trip to a great world like Saturn to settle a couple of planet-quakes? What do you think Saturn is—a ship in distress? 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1954 K. F. Crossen Agile Algolian in Thrilling Wonder Stories Winter ii. 69/2 If there had been any doubt that J. Barnaby Cruikshank was up to something, his appearance would have removed it. Normally, any interference with the slumber of the president of Greater Solarian would have resulted in an explosion of temper like a major planet-quake. Instead, however, he was staring out of the screen with the benign expression of an indulgent uncle. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1970 M. A. deFord Fun-Nee in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 91/2 Nobody knew why he was laughing, but nobody could stop. It was a catharsis, a volcanic eruption, a planetquake, a tidal wave, all rolled into one. It swallowed tension and fear and prejudice and hatred. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1977 A. E. Zeek Cytherean Cycle in Time Warp (#1) iv. 100 An impact missile, exploding on contact with the planet’s surface just outside the force-field, had hit a geophysical fault In the underlying sub-strata and had set off a minor planetquake. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1988 M. Diehl Men v. 56 Agnes drank tea and I ate cookies while Grandmother began to talk. What effect would seven moons have on a small planet? What intelligence would develop in a species without foe? Could anv creature adjust to perpetual planetquake? I remember the absorption in her voice as she put the planet together from her not inconsiderable knowledge of science and her much greater, I suspect, knowledge of science fiction. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 1995 ‘P. D. Hodgson’ Canterbury Path in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 26 St. George of Kputkp, born George Morville in Bradbury, Mars, July 12, 2812 [...] offered himself for martyrdom in the manner of St. Elisabeth Altgeld, whose canonization he championed, as aid to the starving population after a series of planetquakes jeopardized the peaceful civilization of Kputkp. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 2017 ‘K. C. Alexander’ & J. M. Hough Nexus Uprising xvii. 248 This, Sloane reluctantly agreed, probably merited a chat. Maybe even an honest-to-God meeting. Supplies were a problem that loomed like an overdue planetquake, just distant enough that everyone knew it was coming, yet no one wanted to do anything about it. 2022-09-30
planetquake n. 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon xxix. 312 The three of them scuttled backward. Bazargan tried not to think what might happen if the wave caused a planetquake and the cave collapsed. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 2009 B. Stableford Great Armada in Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr.–May 44 He initiated a moonquake that blasted the doors from all the cells in which prisoners were held. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1896 J. Cowan Daybreak 25 Some time before morning we were roused by a violent shaking of the ground beneath us, which startles us beyond expression. ‘What’s that?’ I exclaimed. ‘That feels very much like a moonquake,’ replied my companion. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1955 P. Anderson Snows of Ganymede in Startling Stories Winter 50/2 Some of the lead blocks in front of the reactor had slipped, perhaps in one of the frequent moonquakes caused by the tidal pull of Jupiter. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1970 I. Asimov Waterclap in Worlds of If Apr. iii. 18/2 As a safety engineer…I can’t afford to believe in luck and breaks. We cannot stop Moonquakes or large meteorites out at Luna City but we are designed to minimize the effects even of those. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1848 The Count I. xviii. 296 We felt a sudden tremulous motion, which seemed at least, to threaten us with a Moonquake; or some other equally unusual phenomenon in our altitude. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1847 Judy (vol. 1) 129/1 His Lordship discovered a monstrous eruption on the chief promontory in the Moon…. He observed likewise an unsteadiness in the whole, a sort of reeling as if the orb was agitated by a moonquake. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1928 E. L. Bell Moon of Doom in Amazing Stories Quarterly Winter 41/1 The moonquake will be of indeterminable duration, and it is then that our fate will hang in the balance. The severity of the shocks will about dislodge the mountains, and it is almost certain that the undermined parts of the ranges will cave in. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1940 N. Schachner Runaway Cargo in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 94/1 Some pockets close to the surface got exposed. A moonquake, mebbe; a big meteor; or mebbe just plain erosion. 2022-09-30
moonquake n. 1996 A. Julian Blowup in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 12 A static discharge near one of the transmission lines from the nuclear generator has knocked out a relay somewhere. We haven’t figured out if a moonquake ripped a grounding cable loose or what. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1955 R. Bradbury The Piper in Fantastic Stories Spring 85/1 ‘Whass that?’ asked Brondar. ‘That noise?’…‘Marsquake,’ said Nar, feebly rousing himself. ‘Shifting strata in the hills.’ 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1957 R. Silverberg Critical Threshold in New Worlds (#66) Dec. 122 Now they knew that the Marsquake had wrecked the Dome. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1991 P. C. Jennings Fourth Intercometary in Asimov’s Science Fiction Nov. 236 The Egyptian rolled over. For Yossi on the upper bunk, the effect was like a marsquake. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 2004 A. M. Steele Garcia Narrows Bridge in Asimov’s Science Fiction Jan. 71 There were predictions that it would be destroyed by the first major dust storm or marsquake. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1972 G. Benford Life on the Margin in Amazing Stories Jan. 108/2 Mars probably has some low level of volcanic activity, as well as Marsquakes. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1941 ‘S. D. Gottesman’ Mars-Tube in Astonishing Stories Sept. 17/1 Bombs and guns and force beams and Earth—Marsquakes, too. 2022-09-30
marsquake n. 1912 N. F. Dupuis Our Neighbors in Queen’s Quarterly (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario) (vol. 20) July 143 Mars also is covered with a net of mostly invisible lines…along which the shaking and general disturbance of the surface by Marsquakes are most pronounced. 2022-09-30
proto-cyberpunk adj. 1987 D. Fratz in Thrust (#26) Spring 26/2 (review of Bruce Sterling’s anthology Mirrorshades) The only solo William Gibson story is merely proto-cyberpunk, his first published story, ‘The Gernsback Continuu’m. 2022-09-30
proto-cyberpunk adj. 1988 B. Balfour Antihero in Spin Feb. 64/2 He [sc. Alan Moore] wrote a series of stories of 2000 AD, the English comic magazine that featured the proto-cyberpunk Judge Dredd tales. 2022-09-29
proto-cyberpunk adj. 2019 T. Tatsumi The Future of Cyberpunk Criticism in Arts (Vol. 8, no. 1) Mar. 1 The cyberpunk movement very naturally initiated me into the rise of cyborg feminism, as presaged by the proto-feminist and proto-cyberpunk writer James Tiptree, Jr in the 1970s 2022-09-29
proto-cyberpunk n. 1993 G. Westfahl in Extrapolation(vol. 34, no. 2) 190 (review of Larry McCafferty’s Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Fiction) There are other science fiction writers—A. E. van Vogt, Jack Williamson, Charles L. Harness, even the weirder Heinlein—who could be legitimately cast as proto-cyberpunks. 2022-09-29
Marsian n. 2 1941 D. Elder Fantasy Fiction Field (#56) 8 Nov. 2 (illustration) ‘VOM!’ [Note:] Translated from the Marsian, means ‘Ye Gods! A mirage!’ 2022-09-29
telescanner n. 1938 N. Schachner Sun-World of Soldus in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 109/2 His wandering eyes glued feverishly to the eyepiece of the small but powerful telescanner. ‘Found a sunspot before the due date?’ demanded Jerry. But the little man was already at the physicist’s side, gripping his shoulder with a terrible grip. ‘What do you see?’ Vic shoved him off with a twitch of athletic shoulders, continued to stare. Then, suddenly, he swung away, blinking, blinded. His sweaty face was puzzled. ‘It may be only a meteor,’ he admitted. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1940 J. F. Parr Hints on How to Write Science-Fiction in Fantast (#8) May 9 ALTERNATIVE PLOT: This is easily found by reading some kind of Western story. When you are successful in choosing one suited to your purpose, twist it slightly and introduce some well-known stf-terms, such as: ‘bronco’ which change to ‘space-scout’, ‘six-gun’ [which change to] ‘Banning’, ‘lariat’ which change to ‘tractor’, ‘miles’ [which change to] ‘light-years’, ‘binoculars’ [which change to] ‘tele-scanners’ and so on. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1948 ‘W. Tenn’ Ionian Cycle in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. iii. 113/2 He swept the beam across the sickly sea and up the coast-line of the continent until he saw a dark spot in the orange ground. Then, nudging the telebeam into the cave, he saw at last the few shimmering crystals that meant precious Q. He tried other apertures here and there, convincing himself that, while there was little enough in any one cave, the planet as a whole possessed more than they required. The sight of all the unobtainable Q on the telescanner screen made Donelli sweat with exasperation. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1954 H. J. Campbell Alien in Spaceway Apr. 5 She is, you decide in a detached sort of fashion, beautiful. You wonder again what the hell she’s doing in a stupor on an empty ship that’s just drifting along without drive and without apparent direction. When you first saw the ship from your own telescanner, you thought maybe it had been pirated—such things still happen occasionally. But then, as you brought in the magnifier and studied every exposed inch of the hull and found no holes, no dents, you began to change your mind. Pirates usually shoot first—and straight. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1962 D. F. Galouye Silence of Wings in Fantastic Stories of Imagination Feb. 46/1 Halfway across the plain, Randolph Saul, director of the Cultural Enlistment expedition, snapped off his telescanner, letting the bulky instrument drop back to his chest. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1965 F. Pohl & J. Williamson Starchild in Worlds of If Jan. i. 7/1 A silvered dome pushed out of the pit, out of the ragged shadow, into the white blaze of the near sun. The barrels of a dozen optical and radio telescopes, pyrometers, telescanners and cameras thrust out at the great orb, under the blazoned slogan that the dome displayed to the universe in letters of cast bronze: THE MIGHTIEST REWARDS THE MOST FAITHFUL. And inside the insulated, refrigerated observatory, three astronomers watched a thousand boards and gauges and dials. They were waiting. For they had been warned. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 1982 ‘L. Lawrence’ Calling B for Butterfly i. 2 In the utter blackness, out beyond the orbit of Callisto, Joe noticed two tiny pinpoints of light and adjusted the telescanner. Clear and sharp on the video screen, the starliners came into focus—the Star Flight and the Pegasus—heading out into the galaxy with their cargo of emigrants. Tiny life ferries clung like limpets to their sides. 2022-09-27
telescanner n. 2012 M. D. Rivera Missionaries in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 55 We step onto a balcony overlooking the station’s ground floor, which extends a quarter mile across and teems with activity. Thousands of monitors glow green and red inside an endless catacomb of cubbyholes. In an open area in the center of the floor a massive telescanner points up at the glass-domed ceiling. Bots scurry about and scores of workers in red jumpsuits tinker with an array of metal pipes that stretch hundreds of feet from floor to ceiling. The nearest workers stop what they’re doing to observe us. 2022-09-27
scanner n. 1977 P. K. Dick A Scanner Darkly (1991) xi. 185 What does a scanner see? he asked himself. I mean, really see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does a passive infrared scanner like they used to use or a cube-type holo-scanner like they use these days, the latest thing, see into me—into us—clearly or darkly? 2022-09-26
everywhen adv. 2008 M. Roessner It’s a Wonderful Life in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 52 He reset the date and time on the Past chronometer…. He didn’t worry about his clothes—a janitor is a janitor pretty much everywhere. Everywhen. And he was taking his own advice and not going all that far back. The fifties would do just fine. 2022-09-25
plastiskin n. 1972 J. Green Dwarfs of Zwergwelt in Worlds of If June 55/2 When the bleeding stopped he covered the torn areas with plastiskin bandages. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1996 D. van Hise Rust from His Heart in Tomorrow Speculative Fiction (#20) Apr. 69/3 Drycreek waved her frantic questions aside, then began closing up the robot’s plastiskin chest. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1979 ‘F. Longbeard’ Time for Terror in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine While she cleaned my wound and covered it with plastiskin, the doctor had remained silent. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1969 R. C. Meredith We All Died at Breakaway Station in Amazing Stories Mar. 51/1 Hansey’s open hand, metal clad in plastiskin, came up suddenly, striking Spiers’s cheek. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1954 ‘A. Norton’ The Stars Are Ours! 133 Dard…had his bite sterilized and bandaged with plasta[-]skin. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 2012 D. Brin Existence 491 Gavin’s supple, plastiskin face was somber, his voice subdued. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 2005 R. J. Sawyer Mindscan xi. 83 I’d never known Clamhead to bite anyone, but she bit me. I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt; she closed her jaws on my naked forearm and yanked backward, tearing out a ragged piece of plastiskin, revealing fiber-optic nerves, bungee-cord muscles, and a blue metal armature within. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1949 ‘R. P. Graham’ Unforeseen in Fantastic Adventures Jan. 140/2 Horace skillfully glued the plastiskin back over the braincase of his first robot creation. 2022-09-22
plastiskin n. 1951 D. Knight World without Children in Galaxy Science Fiction Dec. 37/2 He kept compulsively scratching the area and it seemed to have set up some kind of local irritation. He had a plastiskin bandage over it now. 2022-09-22
scanner n. [1931 G. McLociard Television Hill in Amazing Stories Feb. 986/2 Since no physical means can be found whereby the transmitting scanner can be made to cut off the penetrating beam, as does the scanning disc in a light-governed television machine, King had to resort to breaking the ‘secondary wave’ so as to scan distant objects.] 2022-09-22
scanner n. [1930 J. W. Campbell, Jr. Voice of the Void in Amazing Stories Quarterly Summer 393/1 He wanted to reconstruct, atom for atom, the object under his fourth dimensional scanner. [Ibid. 393/2] The ship was to be sent was put in position before it; the scanner viewed it; and the signal for each atom and each molecule followed each other in swift flight on the train of light waves that was their wire.] 2022-09-22
realspace n. [1964 K. Bulmer The Contraption in Science Fantasy June–July 37 Everything went on in this otherspace at a steady, sedate speed relative to other objects—that they were hurdling the parsecs in moments in true space meant nothing.] 2022-09-21
planet v. 2015 M. Kupari Her Brother’s Keeper 273 She informed the warlord that she had arrived in system, and would be planeting on Zanzibar within the next several local days. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1945 ‘W. Long’ Nomad in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 169/1 Fifty Terran machines raced forward and encircled the smoking ruin; and seven of the planeted constellation ships blasted a pathway back to safety. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1969 A. Norton Toys of Tamisan in Worlds of If Apr. 26/2 First things first; the ship had not yet planeted. But when it came she must make sure that she was among those who were preparing for its welcome. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1994 R. Chilson Midnight Yearnings in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 36 Jan stood looking out over the waters of the bay, remembering the glorious time last summer when the tramp starship Rosa had planeted in unexpectedly. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1946 G. O. Smith Pattern for Conquest in Astounding Science Fiction Mar. 24/2 A fleet that’s planeted for charging isn’t in the most admirable position for attack. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1981 M. Michaels I Have a Winter Reason in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Mar. 25 I…very quickly switched from natural coffee, which had seemed such an exotic treat when I first planeted, to the soy beer the rest of them were drinking. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1954 E. B. Cole Exile in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 31/1 He had a couple of observer groups planeted, and one more check should complete his field work. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1947 B. I. Kahn Command in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 140/1 They were having fresh, green vegetables from their own garden by the time they planeted at quarantine. 2022-09-20
planet v. 1953 A. Norton Star Rangers ii. 23 That was the correct official order to be given when the ship planeted. 2022-09-20
Martianess n. 1911 F. Moxon Pete Barden’s Adventure As Related by Him in Hospital in Air-Scout Jan. 34/3 Then they gave us such a yarn as made us gape: / They were Martian superwimmin, an’ they said they’d come out swimmin’ from a fashionable beach jest roun’ the Cape. / Cries the Cap: ‘Ye’re Martianesses? Ye don’t say so? Why, Lor’ bless us! Ye’re the very sort of folks we came to meet.’ 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1990 Daily News (N.Y.) 31 May 46/2 Devil Girl From Mars, 1954…. Patricia Laffen is unforgettable as a stern, black-clad, dominatrix-like Martianess out to recruit reluctant Earth males (they’re British) for the purpose of repopulating her imperiled planet. 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1898 Her Ladyship’s Deadly Jest in Labor World (Duluth, Minnesota) 30 July 7/1 [punning on ‘marchionesses’] ‘I wish to goodness I’d been a native of Mars instead of this planet.’ ‘In order, I suppose, that you might have been ’steen million miles away from me?’ queried the count. ‘Yes, that is one reason. Another is that I could have had a title without the humiliating necessity of becoming the wife of a superannuated chimpanzee to obtain it.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Why, stupid one, does it not follow, according to all the rules of grammar, that if the men are called Martians the women must be called Martianesses?’ 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1920 C. Fezandié My Message to Mars in Electrical Experimenter July 321 Yesterday I wired to my Marchioness—excuse me, my Martianess as usual—and after some preliminary talk I was dumbfounded when she sent me the following message: ‘Bud, will you marry me?’ I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t stop to calculate how it happened that Leap Year occurred on Mars at the same time as on the Earth, and I was so flurried that I answered ‘Yes’ before I knew what I was doing. 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1948 E. F. Russell Dreadful Sanctuary in Astounding Science Fiction July ix. 105/2 ‘You’re a Martian and I’m a Martian and Miriam’s a Martian too—or a Martianess. You aren’t of this world unless you’ve got a name like Ah Koo. The Norman Club can prove it.’ ‘Nuts!’ said Hansen succinctly. 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1974 G. Vidal Myron xxvii. 219 [The narrator is experiencing a body-swap.] I stare through the car window like a Martianess, delighting in the quaint costumes, in the crewcut boys—until I realize that my glances might be misinterpreted and I must not, in any way, compromise Maria Montez, a Universal superstar and sex symbol who is, nevertheless, a perfect wife and loyal in every way to Gallic heartthrob Jean-Pierre Aumont. 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1940 J. M. Rosenblum What They Are About in Spaceways (#14) July 10 A manuscript is found in the earth, telling merely the story of one particular Martian (or Martianess would be more accurate). 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1906 ‘Thomasina’ Cat Chatter in Sydney (N. S. W.) Sportsman 26 Dec. 8/3 The petticoat and bodice are the real costume. They are cobwebby lace, and trimmed with ribbons. Blue ribbons for the young and innocent, pink for the frivolous, scarlet and purple for the very, very naughty. And unless you wish to be mistaken for a Martianess, you must wear a huge mosquito net–like veil, liberally sprinkled with some sticky substance resembling sago afloating down your back. 2022-09-16
Martianess n. 1927 A. E. Morgan Point System: A New Year Fantasy in Antioch Notes 1 Jan. (unpaged) The appraisal completed, a Martian is given a copy of his rating in detail. Another copy is placed in the public records, and is open to everyone. A total rating is given in each field, and a final total for the whole personality. There was much jeering at the thought of including in the same rating such diverse attributes as gastric secretions and artistic creativeness, until it [was] observed how often Martianesses had to make just such appraisals in deciding which Martians to marry. 2022-09-16
supervillainess n. 1977 M. E. Widzer Comic-Book Superhero in Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (vol. 32) 588 A featured supervillainess in the main story line is The Star Sapphire, who is the Green Lantern’s love object, under the influence of hypnosis. 2022-09-16
supervillainess n. 1970 M. Constant Comics Are Undergoing Some Changes in The Militant 11 Dec. 12/2 In the end it turns out that the Valkyrie is actually a fake. She is really the Enchantress, an evil supervillainess who was never actually the victim of male chauvinism but is merely a woman scorned. 2022-09-16
supervillainess n. 2008 Vogue May 228 (caption) Batman’s enemy, the supervillainess Poison Ivy, has a toxic touch and a lethal kiss. 2022-09-16
supervillainess n. 1995 G. Cox Iron Man: The Armor Trap 309 The woman’s look was clearly inspired by the notorious super-villainess known as the Viper. 2022-09-16
supervillainess n. 2016 A. Moore Jerusalem 37 We next encounter the vast, monitor-lit basement complex of a super-villainess where part of Alma’s too-elaborate personality sits in a swivel chair amongst the shifting screens and contemplates deranged agendas. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1987 A. Moore & D. Gibbons Watchmen (unpaged) [in a fictional 1963 autobiography by a masked superhero] Also, Sally Jupiter tells me that as soon as little Laurie’s old enough she wants to be a super[-]heroine just like her mom, so who knows? It seems as if from being a novelty nine-day wonder, the super-hero has become a part of American life. It’s here to stay. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1997 ‘P. Z. Brite’ Courtney Love: The Real Story xxi. 200 Late in 1994, she [sc. singer Courtney Love] started putting together the soundtrack for the movie Tank Girl, which had been (abysmally) adapted from a British comic about a punk superheroine of the future and her kangaroo boyfriend. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 2006 J. Bell Invaders from the North 47/2 [...] Dingle [sc. Adrian Dingle] created one of the most memorable characters of the Golden Age—the superheroine Nelvana of the Northern Lights, the first Canadian national superhero. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 2019 N. Okorafor Broken Places & Outer Spaces i. 6 I had recently written about a superheroine for Marvel, a wheelchair-bound girl in Nigeria named Ngozi. She physically and mentally bonds with an alien symbiotic organism named Venom and is thus able to stand up and kick ass. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1960 R. Goulart Ella Speed in Fantastic Apr. 110/1 ‘Ella Speed’s just an everyday super heroine. You know, Ella Speed, the flash of the Forest.’ ‘The Champion of Jungle Justice,’ added Cap Bascom. ‘Sworn enemy of evil and champion of what is right and proper.’ 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1965 P. Dickinson Blood Count in Punch 13 Jan. 71/3 Behind the Arras [...] British trainee spy is ordered to help smash commie-riddled CND type organisation by seducing dynamic daughter of its head-in-clouds leader. Quite lively, and one of his colleagues makes a change from superheroes: she’s a superheroine. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1967 ‘Les’ Flying Nun in Variety 13 Sept. 42/4 (review) As a super-heroine she’s a regular Sister Terrific, and as a nun a cloying busybody with apparently special dispensation to do her hair in vanity bangs and wear her coronet high enough so that they’ll show. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1973 J. Coulson Of (Super) Human Bondage in Comic-Book Book (1974) 232 The critics of the comics have castigated the superheroines for their violence, aggressiveness, and lack of femininity. But they’ve forgotten: the superheroine was born in that time just before and during World War II. The young comic-book reader was steeped in that war and its Zeitgeist. It wasn’t very feminine to die in a bombing raid or a sinking hospital ship, either; but in every newsreel (between that week’s serial chapter and the trailers) kids saw or heard about women dying in just such ways. 2022-09-16
superheroine n. 1979 J. M. Ford Mandalay in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct. 45 At the head of the column stood a woman in black, a superheroine who kept some of her powers, Charlie Brunner. (Charlene? Charlotte? Maybe before the Fracture. But here, Charlie.) 2022-09-16
scientifictionist n. 1974 S. Moskowitz SF Profile: Arthur C. Clarke in Thrilling Science Fiction Dec. 123/2 Edward John Carnell, a leading scientifictionist who had once guest-edited the Dec., 1937 issue of The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, talked Pendulum Publications into issuing New Worlds. 2022-09-15
pressure suit n. 1952 W. Miller, Jr. Let My People Go in Worlds of If 8/1 He still wore a pressure suit, but the helmet had been removed. 2022-09-13
pressure suit n. 1939 J. Williamson Fortress of Utopia in Startling Stories Nov. 28/1 If anything went wrong with his flimsy pressure-suit, or his twelve-foot bubble of air— Cartwright tried not to shudder. 2022-09-13
inhuman n. 1976 D. Smith End of Days in Chacal Winter 45/2 ‘Are you a—sorcerer, Serenthal?’…‘You might refer to me in that fashion,’ he allowed, ‘though sorcerers are mortal and human. I am simply an inhuman.’ 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1973 I. Watson The Embedding (1977) 196 ‘Surely the Sp’thra can’t still be in Nevada!’ ‘Oh but they can…. The inhumans can!’ 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1992 D. Eddings Sapphire Rose 13 The gross cruelties of the inhumans who accompanied the invading army are too hideous to be mentioned. 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1965 S. Lee in Fantastic Four (#45) Dec. (title) Among Us Hide... The Inhumans. 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 2007 S. Westerfeld Extras ii. 226 Her eyes were drawn to the inhuman’s strange face. His skin was pale, his arms thin and weak-looking, but the needles on his fingertips were unambiguous—they were designed to do some damage. But the strangest thing was the inhuman’s feet. Bare and misshapen, they looked almost like hands, their long toes curled up like a dead spider’s legs. 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1940 I. Asimov Homo Sol in Astounding Science-Fiction Sept. 122/2 I’ve brought home copies of their newspapers of the time in which they objected to joining with ‘alien monstrosities’ and refused to be ‘ruled by inhumans of worlds parsecs away.’ I ask you, does that make sense? 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1947 A. V. Harding House Beyond Midnight in Weird Tales Jan. 55/1 We were no longer free to leave the house but were guarded by an odd assortment of inhumans. 2022-09-12
inhuman n. 1974 J. Thomas Horror of Party Beach in Monster Times (#30) Feb. 4/3 After they are turned into beasties, they go around killing other people and bringing some of them to be transformed into dumb-looking sea creatures…. Thus, the ranks of the inhumans are always on the increase. 2022-09-12
teleport n. 3 2014 N. Singh Shield of Winter 81 Ivy picked up Rabbit. She knew he had to be kept under control during the teleport, but he disliked leashes. 2022-09-12
teleport n. 2 1949 J. Blish Let the Finder Beware! in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 58/1 ‘I doubt that you could keep him in jail for ten minutes.’ ‘Because he’s a teleport?’ 2022-09-12
teleport n. 2 1977 K. O’Donnell, Jr. Low Grade Ore in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Summer 16 What if a teleport returned to Shanghai, or Los Angeles, or Rome? 2022-09-12