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-verse suffix 1996 H. Lee An intrsinically hypothetical take/tale on "SYZYGY" (etc.) in (Usenet newsgroup) 30 Jan. It is more than likely that these ‘external observers’ gauge and interact more directly with the Carterverse than we were originally led to believe from our measurements. 2023-03-18
timeline n. 1935 J. R. Fearn Liners of Time in Amazing Stories May 32/1 The two Presidents—Templeton and Folson—were indeed the only men in the whole time[-]line who knew the real secret of a time[-]liner and how it operated. [Ibid. 34/2] Projection into the actual gas of evolution made it possible for Man to race far ahead of his own Age, into the distant future, or force his way back along the time line to the past. 2023-03-11
replicant n. 2 2023 C. Thompson The Rise & Fall of the Dot-Com Foosball Table in 10 Mar. Jobs at these companies were playful, free-form, creative! Hierarchies, like those dreaded ties sported by the loser replicants of IBM, were gone. 2023-03-11
earthrise n. 1932 W. Kateley Room for the Super Race in Amazing Stories Aug. 442/2 It will be coming up again in the east very soon…. I hope we have a clear ‘earth-rise’. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 2 1979 H. Moravec Today’s Computers, Intelligent Machines and Our Future in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Feb. 77/2 A machine can be designed to live in free space and love it, drinking in unattenuated sunlight and tolerating hard radiation. And instead of expensive pressurized, gravitied, decorated human colonies, the machines could be put to work converting lunar material into orbiting automatic factories. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 2 1992 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Hellburner ix. 174 Demas called, to say that the carrier was braking, directly after ceasing acceleration. Demas said that there was a contingent of marines aboard needing gravitied accommodations. ‘I copy that. What’s the head count?’ ‘Two thousand.’ That was a carrier’s full troop complement. They wanted miracles. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 2 [2014 M. Allen Lunar Camp in Athena’s Daughters 348 In short order, Bee and the others were herded off the transport, through the loading area, and into the artificially gravitied Visitor Center.] 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 2 2016 J. Johnson Blockade v. 95 Jackie managed a thumbs-up and started shuffling again toward the crew quarters and the commode therein. It was designed to be accessible while in a gravitied environment, thankfully, even if far too many of the other amenities on board this class of ship were dependent on a lack of gravity to easily access. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1940 M. W. Wellman Day of the Conquerors in Thrilling Wonder Stories Jan. 104/2 I am weary of walking on this thrice-gravitied planet. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1942 M. W. Wellman Devil’s Planet in Startling Stories Jan. 55/2 Dillon Stover had fallen. Even on light-gravitied Mars it was a heavy tumble. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1951 ‘J. McCreigh’ Danger Moon in Science Fiction Quarterly 61/2 A good three-day hike on Earth, it was only about an hour’s time away on foot, on the light-gravitied surface of the Moon. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1953 S. Merwin, Jr. Arbiter in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 107/2 Competition with lighter-gravitied Mars and Ganymede is far too tight to cut payloads for more fuel. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1962 M. Clifton Hang Head, Vandal! in Amazing Stories Apr. 16/2 We assembled the mastership on the Moon base from parts which were Roman candled up, a few pieces at a time, from too heavily gravitied Earth. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1991 J. Fancher Groundties 29 Unspecified biomechanical traits made them more inclined toward unspecified medical ailments linked to a non-gravitied environment. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 1997 J. Updike Toward End of Time 147 In the crowded, stronger-gravitied universe, stars would be tearing dark matter away from one another. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 2014 J. Johnson Hardship 8 Nobody expected a race of flipper-footed aliens from a lightly gravitied planet to want to invade a heavyworld. [Ibid. 71] Bunk beds on a heavy-gravitied world weren’t usual, but Dabin’s gravity was only 1.85Gs. 2023-03-02
gravitied adj. 1 2000 S. Westerfeld Movements of Her Eyes in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 15 Her stomach clenched when she looked down through the transparent floor; the party was on the lowest level of a spin-gravitied ring, and black infinity seemed to be pulling at her through the glassene window. The AI lovingly recorded the parameters of this unfamiliar vertigo. 2023-03-02
scientifictional adj. 2005 W. J. Williams Thought Experiments in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 22/1 It retained…a specialized vocabulary to describe both the texts, the contents of the texts, and the special view of life that was considered particularly scientifictional. 2023-02-16
scientifictional adj. 1970 J. Foyster in Vision of Tomorrow Feb. 19/1 (review of The Black Flame, by Stanley Weinbaum) In the novel this man, Tom Connor, is a more central and important figure than most scientifictional heroes are. 2023-02-16
weird adj. 1970 ‘L. del Rey’ Reading Room in Worlds of If Jan. 157/2 One of the current series that looks least promising turns out to be almost good and certainly worth a look by anyone who likes fantasy of the weird sort. [Ibid. 158/2] Generally, it’s a rather good weird story. 2023-02-16
weird n. 1951 Fantastic Adventures July 124/1 (editorial response to reader letter) Science-fiction is based on man’s mechanical and imaginative progress. Fantasy has to do with the inexplicable, with the weird, with the worlds outside ‘reality’, and with ‘things that go bump in the night’. 2023-02-16
weird adj. 1952 M. E. Kamine Bite of the Bug in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 135/1 (letter) Incidentally RETURN impressed me as more in the weird story line than scientific, but it makes an excellent transitional story from a fan of horror and ghost stories to one of science fiction. 2023-02-16
weird adj. 1946 J. Kennedy A Hearty Burp in Planet Stories Spring 126/1 (letter) There is always the question, of course, as to just where the dividing line lies between stf, fantasy, and weird fiction. 2023-02-16
pleasure planet n. 1941 E. Hamilton Captain Future & the Seven Space Stones in Captain Future Winter x. 54/1 They’re on the Pleasure Planet—that asteroid gambling paradise outside the limitations of System law. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1939 J. Williamson After World’s End in Marvel Science Stories Feb. 42/2 The pleasure planet was itself a gorgeous jewel, covered with tell-tended gardens of many-hued vegetation, and with the magnificent palaces, triumphal arches, and colossi erected by a thousand generations of universal rulers. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1945 J. Vance The World-Thinker in Thrilling Wonder Stories Summer 45/2 Where had he seen eyes with that expression? On Fan, the Pleasure Planet? 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1954 R. Abernathy The Fishers in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 7 The Tethys project seems to be to develop the satellite as a sort of resort, a low-gravity pleasure planet. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1976 H. Ellison Strange Wine in Amazing Stories June 37/2 He slept and dreamed good dreams. Of life as Willis Kaw, life on the pleasure planet. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1987 B. Searles On Books in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction May 188/1 The teaching method of the pleasure planet of Midia, for instance, is plain old pleasure/pain conditioning, and the results are a population of seducer/hustlers. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1999 M. Resnick Hunting the Snark in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 99 Pollard, who would have preferred a few weeks on Calliope or one of the other pleasure planets, finally agreed to come along so that the four of them could celebrate their latest billion together. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 1966 G. C. Johnson The Man Trap (Star Trek episode) (transcription) Ma’am, if I didn't know better I would swear you were someone I left behind on Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet. It’s funny, you’re exactly like a girl that…. 2023-02-15
pleasure planet n. 2015 P. Reeve Railhead xx. 117 Jangala, on the other hand, was a pleasure planet, where towns were few, and everything that was not actual sea was covered with a sea of trees. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1974 J. Sladek Space Shoes of the Gods in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov. 58/2 All too soon, earthlings would cover the paradise planet with highways and fuming traffic, fill its air with thundering jets carrying earthling tourists. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1999 D. D. Fratz in Science Fiction Age 16/3 (review of Peter F. Hamilton’s A Second Chance at Eden) ‘Candy Buds’ is set on Tropicana, a biotech commerce enclave and ocean tourist paradise planet that is controlled by rich and ruthless crime lords. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 2021 H. Jacks Crave: Alien General’s Obsession 99 Not that any of that bothers Rexitor. He’s just ordered that I spend a period of enforced rest at one of our outposts, Halax-Ten. It’s a paradise planet with a climate similar to Haalux and endless ways to do nothing. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1988 ‘J. Tiptree, Jr.’ Color of Neanderthal Eyes in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 38 I am shocked into sobriety. Oh gods, my paradise planet isn’t all paradise; it contains others who are killers. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1949 Planet Stories Summer 77 (editorial summary of Margaret St. Clair’s Garden of Evil) Even to a drug-soaked outcast ethnographer, Fyhon was a paradise planet. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1948 The Book Shelf in Fantasy Book (vol. 1, no. 3) 38 This is the story of the Games Machine of Earth—of Venus, the paradise planet and of man’s struggle to reach its haven. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1957 I. Cox, Jr. Second Chance in Science Fiction Quarterly May 64/2 And now, above the transparent dome, swung the green globe of the new world, the paradise-planet, the destination for the last fragment of mankind. 2023-02-15
paradise planet n. 1963 D. Malcolm Twice Bitten in New Worlds Science Fiction Feb. 11 Have you found anything more about the bees, Alan? If we could lick that problem, it would make Meroe a paradise planet. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 2004 L. Shepard Multiplexity in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 123/1 A variety of settings—an ice planet, a civilized world, a triple-max security prison on a hell planet. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1938 J. R. Fearn Zagribud in Amazing Stories Feb. 106/1 Make Rath Granod eat the dirt of his own hell planet! 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1940 F. A. Kummer, Jr. Star Pirate in Planet Stories Summer 76/2 I’ve thought of you a great deal these eleven years! In the radium fields of that hell-planet Mercury, hunting gold in the stinking Venusian jungles, prospecting the dusty, choking deserts of Mars! 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1945 Planet Stories Fall 78 (editorial introduction to The Bubble Dwellers, by ‘Ross Rocklynne’) The hell-planet of Vulcan had spawned a deadly menace that might entrap the civilized worlds. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1953 P. Anderson Enough Rope in Astounding Science Fiction July 19/1 A big world, as I recall. Twice our gravity, mostly hydrogen atmosphere—storms of unparalleled violence, volcanic upheavals, a hell planet! 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1966 K. Bulmer Draft Dodger in Worlds of If Mar. 89/1 On the surface Lorimer was a hell-planet. But Lack would not venture onto the surface. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1965 F. Herbert Dune (1984) I. 196 So here we live out our lives…on this hell-planet. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1993 A. McCaffrey & S. M. Stirling City Who Fought (1994) 326 Pounding feet came closer: Joseph’s heavier tread, and the lighter, faster sound of the folk the hell-planet bred. 2023-02-15
hell planet n. 1932 ‘L. F. Stone’ in Wonder Stories (June) (title) The Hell Planet. 2023-02-15
thionite n. 1993 K. S. Starbuck India’s Story i. 14 India continued through the hall and down the other stairs to the ground floor of the huge house. She wondered what the shipment was this time. Smack? Thionite? Whores? She might be only eight, but she was no dummy. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 2021 ‘Not by Dr. Raoul Duke’ Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Galactic Dream in Alexiad (#115) Feb. 14/2 The sporting editors had also given me three hundred credits in cash, most of which was already spent on extremely dangerous drugs. The cargo hold of the ship looked like a mobile clone trooper narcotics lab. We had two bags of bentlam, seventy-five pellets of glitterstim, five sheets of high-powered slo-mo, a salt shaker half full of soma, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of moloko plus, a quart of scumble, a case of Bor’Kaan, a pint of raw knives, and two dozen thionite tabs. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1937 E. E. Smith Galactic Patrol in Astounding Stories Sept. i. 12/2 And helping powerfully toward utter chaos were the new vices, which were spreading from world to world; among others the taking of new and horrible drugs. Thionite, for instance; occurring only upon Trenco; a drug as much deadlier than heroin as that compound is than coffee, and which even now commands such a fabulous price that a man can carry a fortune in one hollow boot heel. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1943 R. Martinuk Confessions of a Stf Addict; or, Ms Found in a Padded Cell in Fanfare Dec. 46 Cocaine - morphine - heorin [sic] - marijuana..... Bah!. Even bentlam or thionite are as easy to cure as tobacco or coffee when compared with stf.... 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1941 H. L. Nichols Yesterday’s Revenge in Comet Jan. 118/1 Your Excellency generously condescended to supply me with facilities to investigate these theories. After finding Foster’s mechanism to be ineffectual I experimented with Ronferth rays, until I found that the A and F output, interlaced at dissonant frequencies and reflected from thionite crystals in Madderhern tubes, would actually pierce the veil between us and the past. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1947 ‘R. Boggs’ Road to Mars—On the Level in Kay-Mar Trader (#15) May (unpaged) Mr. Farnsworth, put down that disintegrator! I haven’t been hitting the thionite supply, and I am not crazy. Inferring that the Hagerstown Ladies Saturday Hiking and Hot-dog Club will beat the U. S. Rocket Society to Mars wasn’t my idea. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1956 R. Garrett Heist Job on Thizar in Amazing Stories Oct. 22/2 Belgezad had already suffered at the hands of Anson Drake. Some years before, a narcotics gang had been smashed high, wide, and handsome on Thizar. Three men had died from an overdose of their own thionite drug, and fifty thousand credits of illicit gain had vanished into nowhere. The Thizarian police didn’t know who had done the job, and they didn’t know who had financed the ring. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1960 R. Ellik Squirrel Cage in Shangri-L’Affaires (#51) July 34 I’ve never managed to get to a Westercon without some sort of hassle about transportation, so I hardly can expect the Boycon to be a thionite dream of efficient planning in the wheels department. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1974 S. Robinson When No Man Pursueth in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Nov. 134/1 [U]nder questioning he broke down and admitted smuggling thionite on board to sell at Forced Landing. We found the thionite just where he said it would be. Say, did you know he’s got a modified voicebox? Cursed you out in three-part harmony. 2023-02-09
thionite n. 1980 R. A. Heinlein Number of the Beast (1981) xxxvi. 391 ‘Lensman,’ Deety said quickly, ‘we have medical drugs. The only one that could interest you is a few milligrams of morphine. — But we carry no thionite, no bentlam, no hadive, no nitrolabe. You are using your Lens; you know that I’m telling the truth.’ 2023-02-09
spaceward adj. 1953 R. Z. Gallun Comet’s Burial in Science Fiction Stories (#1) 68 The comet seemed to move slowly, its coma flattening over the Moon’s spaceward hemispheres. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 2015 L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Solar Express xiii. 74 He could see that he hadn’t corrected enough for the spaceward drift caused by a less than perfectly balance course shift. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1941 C. D. Simak Masquerade in Astounding Science-Fiction Mar. 61/2 Let one of those gadgets fail—let one of those spaceward beams sway as much as a fraction of a degree—Curt shuddered at the thought of a beam of terrific power smashing into a planet—€”perhaps into a city. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1942 ‘W. Stewart’ Minus Sign in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 73/2 He set up the calculator to find a dead-reckoning position: from the known position of the original contraterrene asteroid, HSM CT-445-N-812, determined from the Ephemeris for ten o’clock on the evening of March 23rd; and the observed direction and velocity of the rock’s inexplicable spaceward flight, taking into account the diminishing gravitational drag of the Sun and the planets, from which it was so swiftly escaping. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1994 R. Silverberg Hot Sky at Midnight 64 Around the periphery of the shell’s spaceward face was a deep layer of lunar slag held in place by centrifugal forces, the tailings that had been left over after the extraction of the gases and minerals that had been needed in the construction of the satellite world. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1962 J. G. Ballard Thirteen to Centaurus in Amazing Stories Apr. 40/1 In fifteen years a lot could happen, there might be another spaceward swing of public opinion. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1970 P. Anderson Tau Zero (1973) 23 Hands eagerly turned cranks on the spaceward side of the boat, sliding back the plates that covered the glasyl viewports. 2023-02-08
spaceward adj. 1940 J. R. Fearn War of the Scientists in Amazing Stories Apr. 69/2 Sykes swept on through the mist, following close in the wake of the spaceward bacilli horde. 2023-02-08
spaceward adv. 2009 C. Miéville Rope is the World in Three Moments of an Explosion (2015) 112 Two were decoupled from their base-stations in audacious terrorist acts, a little carefully placed thermite that saw the vertical thread-cities suddenly and awfully yanked centripetal up from the Earth, trailing cables and spilling elevators and people, receding spaceward into dreadful orbit at speeds vastly too great for things so big. 2023-02-08
spaceward adv. 1940 D. W. O’Brien Suicide Squadrons of Space in Amazing Stories Aug. 12/1 The reverberations of their engines smashed the air as they climbed spaceward. 2023-02-08
spaceward adv. 1965 G. R. Dickson Catch a Tartar in Worlds of Tomorrow Sept. 28/1 The ship’s drive sprang to life. Together it, and Hank bolted spaceward. 2023-02-08
spaceward adv. 1932 C. D. Simak Mutiny on Mercury in Wonder Stories Mar. 1174/1 The ship, he saw, had nosed upward and was tearing spaceward. 2023-02-08
fantastic n. 2 1944 L. A. Croutch Light Flashes in Canadian Fandom (#6) Jan. 8/1 Another outfit is filming ‘Tarzan and the Sheik’. This doesn’t suggest a weirdie or fantastic, I’ll admit, but it may be. Note I give the impression that I don’t count Tarzan’s films as fantastics. His are adventure films, mostly kid stuff, and nothing very spectacular at that. 2023-02-01
Rigellian n. 2 1996 R. Silverberg Power of Words in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 8/2 Meanwhile, we over here in the science fiction field blithely send our space explorers out to alien planets equipped with semantic converters that efficiently translate Earth-speech into Rigelian or Betelgeusean, and vice versa. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 2 1956 E. F. Russell Plux X in Astounding Science Fiction June 14/1 Fluency might prove an advantage some day. Too bad he’d never learned Rigellian, for instance. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 2 [1957 R. Garrett Hungry World in Imaginative Tales Mar. 105/2 There was a chattering hiss behind him. It was, Mike knew, the sibilant language of the Rigellian natives.] 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 2 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) viii. 83 ‘No!’ Tooe’s voice was shrill. ‘No good!’ And she talked on in rapid Rigelian, mixing in what sounded to Rip like a few words of the Tathi language. Rip saw Dane frown in concentration. The cargo master’s understanding of Rigelian, after weeks of talking with Tooe, was as good as hers of Terran—or nearly. But he seldom spoke in the difficult, hissing language. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 2 1950 ‘E. James’ Private Enterprise in Astounding Science Fiction July 71/1 When you arrive on Rigel V, you will be followed until it is certain that you are not being shadowed. At that time a Rigelian will approach you, call you by name, and say: ‘Welcome to the fertile soil of Rigel V’—in Rigelian, of course. You will reply: ‘Fertility must be properly cultivated.’ 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1937 E. E. Smith Galactic Patrol in Astounding Stories Nov. x. 135/1 The lock was pumped to a vacuum; there was a hiss of entering air; a spray of vaporous liquid bathed every inch of the vessel’s surface, and Kinnison felt again the calm voice of Tregonsee, the Rigellian Lensman. 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1978 G. Collins Tips for Intergalactic Travel in N. Y. Times 12 Feb. (International section) 24/3 Is restaurant tipping to be recommended? In planetside eateries, it is correct to tip your room steward, table steward, headwaiter and wine steward. An exception is the average Rigellian restaurant, where le service est tout compris. 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 2013 P. Reeve The Fourth Doctor: The Roots of Evil in Doctor Who: 12 Doctors 12 Stories (2014) 157 I’d say about twenty feet; that’s about six metres, or roughly….let me see….two and a half Rigellian floons. [ellipses in orig.] 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) ix. 92 She tweeted her thanks, and turned back to the climb, her crest flattened out in concentration-and-effort mode. Noting it, Dane enjoyed a private grin. There was no psi connection with his little Rigelian apprentice, but he didn’t need one. That flexible webbed crest, and her expressive whistles and chirps, made her emotions clear enough. As they rounded the last of the outcropping of rock and walked across a wide, flattened area, he wondered if she was even capable of hiding her reactions. 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1950 J. Blish Okie in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 98/1 In one jeweled hand he held a heavy goblet half full of fuming Rigellian wine—it must have come from the city’s stores, for the Hruntans had had no contact with Rigel for centuries. 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1943 B. Bovard Castor Oil and Pirates in Light Apr. 3 What in the name of Rigellian rose-vines are you doing here? Who are you? How did you get into the ship? 2023-01-31
Rigellian adj. 1937 ‘C. Corbett’ Beyond Infinity in Astounding Stories Jan. i. 10/1 From Rigellian captives a very little had been learned. It was extremely difficult to establish communication—vegetative thought processes could not readily be transmuted into recognizable form. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1937 ‘C. Corbett’ Beyond Infinity in Astounding Stories Jan. i. 10/1 After the first stunned shock of surprise, however, the nations of the world rallied, sank their sectional differences, and in the great Interstellar War of 3207 overwhelmed the intruders, and slew them to the very last Rigellian. In the doing, however, a billion humans died. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1937 E. E. Smith Galactic Patrol in Astounding Stories Nov. x. 138/1 ‘You are sure that I would be of no help to you?’ asked the Rigellian, half pleadingly. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1960 N. M. Lobsenz Editorial in Fantastic May 5 The bad news was voiced by Dr. Zdenek Kopal—whom you might think was a Rigelian or an Arcturian, but who actually is a professor at England’s Manchester University. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1964 M. A. De Ford Inside Story in Gamma (#3) June 73/1 Our co-pilot, a nice old gal…was a Rigelian, there was Xo, and there was me. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1983 W. Salomon 83rd Conference on the Human Question in Amazing Stories Mar. 79 ‘I agree with Altair,’ said the multi-limbed Rigellian. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 2015 B. N. Malzberg & B. Pronzini Transfer Point in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Apr. 50/2 Every day it was our responsibility to carefully screen and either pass through or reject travelers from all comers of the known Universe. Creatures such as green-speckled and lavender-hued Altairians, striped Melnusian miners, porcine Poldrogs, falcon-worshipping Rigelians, Archiporteyx spiritbearers, Titanian slitherers, Aldebarian musicians with their long trilling snouts, and of course the variegate new breeds from planets only recently swept by Federation troops and pronounced benign by Federation exobiologists. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) xxiii. 247 ‘Off to the next port,’ Van Ryke repeated, and then he said with mock solemnity, ‘so don’t use up all that energy. You’ll be working up a fine sweat when we tackle moving cargo over to the Star.’ ‘Rigelians don’t sweat!’ she said, whistling a laugh. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1941 E. E. Smith Vortex Blaster in Comet July 14/1 Without knowing how he had arrived at it, he knew the answer; just as the Posenian or the Rigellian is able to perceive every separate component particle of an opaque, three-dimensional solid, but without being able to explain to anyone how his sense of perception works. 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1954 M. Z. Bradley Crime Therapist in Future Science Fiction Oct. 93/1 The Rigellian named Rhoum murmured sibilantly, ‘You realize, Mr. Colby, that this operation is illegal?’ 2023-01-31
Rigellian n. 1 1969 S. A. Stricklen Jr. May All Your Enemies Go to Hell! in Double:Bill (#19) Jan. 37 Incidently, [sic] Rigellians should avoid America during Xmas. I saw one poor Rigellian trapped atop an Xmas tree for nearly a month; every time he got down, the American put him up again with the appropriate incantations in dialect. The poor fellow finally escaped through an exhaust vent in the roof, but only after a truly hair-raising encounter with an enormous American in a red suit who chanted continuously HOE HOE HOE. 2023-01-31
space taxi n. 1985 M. McCollum Procyon’s Promise 101 She followed Davidson to a berth operated by one of the three space taxi services that transported passengers and cargo between Von Braun and outlying ships. 2023-01-26
space taxi n. 1961 L. del Rey Moon of Mutiny 52 A sausage-shaped space taxi was approaching the ship from the Station. 2023-01-26
space taxi n. 1941 A. K. Barnes Trouble on Titan in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. xi. 49/1 The space taxis traveling from Hollywood on the Moon to the big bloated gambling ships detoured so their passengers could get a look at the phenomenon. 2023-01-26
otherspace n. 1958 D. Berry Intruder in Venture Science Fiction Mar. 75/2 Nobody really knows what goes on in Otherspace, if anything. We just know we can plug a ship into it for a microsecond and come out fourteen hundred light years away from where we started. 2023-01-25
otherspace n. 1964 K. Bulmer The Contraption in Science Fantasy June–July 37 Everything went on in this otherspace at a steady, sedate speed relative to other objects—that they were hurdling the parsecs in moments in true space meant nothing. 2023-01-25
otherspace n. 2009 D. Wallace Star Wars: The Essential Atlas 121/2 Hyperspace is an alternate dimension (similar to subspace and otherspace) accessible only through hyperdrive technology. 2023-01-25