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Date added Word Definition
2020-10-29 sapience n. (1962) (of non-humans) intelligence
2020-10-25 inner space n. (1920) the human mind; the innermost parts of one’s psyche
2020-10-22 flame gun n. (1934) a gun (esp. a handgun) that shoots flames; cf. earlier flame pistol n.
2020-10-22 tight-beamed adj. (1951) of a message: sent by means of a tight-beam n.
2020-10-22 tight-beam v. (1959) to send (esp. a message) by means of a tight-beam n.; to send to (someone) by means of a tight-beam n.; also intrans.
2020-10-20 time viewer n. (1940) = chronoscope n.
2020-10-20 time storm n. (1942) a disturbance in time which can bring people and things from different times into the same timeline; cf. timequake n., time-slip n.
2020-10-20 time-slip n. (1941) a rift or flaw in the fabric of time that allows travel between two or more periods of time or timelines; any accidental or unexplained movement between periods of time; cf. timequake n., time storm n.
2020-10-20 time-path n. (1934) = timestream n.
2020-10-20 time cop n. (1953) a member of the time police n.
2020-10-20 Terran n. 2 (1944) a common language spoken on Earth or by Earthlings
2020-10-20 temporal paradox n. (1954) = time paradox n.
2020-10-20 uptime adj. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the future; cf. downtime adj.
2020-10-20 uptime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the future; cf. downtime adv.
2020-10-19 unhuman n. (1944) an intelligent nonhuman entity; alien n.; cf. non-human n.
2020-10-19 unperson n. (1949) a person who, usually for political reasons, is deemed not to have existed and whose name is removed from all public records; hence, more generally: a person whose contributions or achievements are officially denied or disregarded; a person regarded as less than human
2020-10-19 ultradrive n. (1949) a type of faster-than-light star drive
2020-10-18 xeno- prefix (1962) (used to form words indicating that the base element is or relates to an alien)
2020-10-17 X-Phile n. (1994) a fan of the TV show The X-Files
2020-10-16 Anglofan n. (1941) a science fiction fan who is a native or resident of the United Kingdom
2020-10-16 pseudo-grav n. (1952) = artificial gravity n.; cf. pseudogravity n.
2020-10-15 darkside n. 1 (1939) the side of an object in space (as a spaceship, or a moon or planet) that faces away from the closest star; cf. farside n., nightside n.
2020-10-15 spacing n. 1 (1942) the act of travelling in space; (also) the profession of working in space
2020-10-13 telempath n. (1960) a person who has the psionic ability to sense others’ emotions
2020-10-13 telempathy n. (1952) the psionic ability to sense others’ emotions
2020-10-13 telempathic adj. (1958) of or by means of telempathy n.
2020-10-13 super-scientist n. (1928) a person who studies, or creates inventions using, superscience n.
2020-10-13 dystopia n. 1 (1952) a work set in a dystopia n. 2
2020-10-12 ecotopia n. (1975) a place, society, or condition thought to resemble Ecotopia; a place or state which is utopian from an ecological perspective
2020-10-08 home system n. (1930) the solar system in which an individual being is from; the solar system in which a species originated
2020-10-08 home galaxy n. (1936) the galaxy that an individual being is from; the galaxy in which a species originated
2020-10-07 groundside adv. (1951) = planetside adv.
2020-10-01 intersystem adj. (1941) (esp. of transportation or communication) occurring between solar systems
2020-09-21 grav n. 2 (1939) an earth-standard acceleration; gee n. 2
2020-09-21 beam weapon n. (1936) a weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy
2020-09-18 space bronzed adj. (1940) = space-tanned adj.
2020-09-17 visor screen n. (1931) = viewscreen n.
2020-09-17 gravitics n. 2 (1982) any of various devices making use of gravity or gravitational waves, as (a) sensors that use gravitational waves to detect objects in space; (b) a system that creates artificial gravity
2020-09-16 adult fantasy n. (1932) fantasy intended for adults rather than children
2020-09-03 midspace adj. (1931) occurring in midspace n.
2020-09-03 midspace n. (1900) outer space, viewed as an area in its own right
2020-08-31 probability world n. (1943) an alternate universe, viewed as one of many such which have differing probabilities of existing
2020-08-26 light n. 2 (1961) a light year
2020-08-26 light n. 1 (1934) = lightspeed, used as a unit of measure; cf. light-speed n. 2
2020-08-12 vidcall n. (1953) a call made on a videophone n.
2020-08-11 telepath n. (1889) a person or being with the ability to use telepathy
2020-08-11 redshirt n. (1985) a character who is not portrayed in depth; (esp.) a character whose main plot function is to be killed
2020-08-10 Whovian n. (1982) a fan of the British television series Doctor Who
2020-08-10 xenocide n. (1973) the killing or attempted killing of an entire alien species; the killing of an individual alien; (also) a person who commits this act
2020-08-10 Chicon n. (1940) a SF convention held in Chicago, esp. the 1940 Chicago Science Fiction Convention