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Date added Word Definition
2020-09-21 grav n. 2 (1939) an earth-standard acceleration; gee n. 2
2020-09-21 beam weapon n. (1936) a weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy
2020-09-18 space bronzed adj. (1940) = space-tanned adj.
2020-09-17 visor screen n. (1931) = viewscreen n.
2020-09-17 gravitics n. 2 (1982) any of various devices making use of gravity or gravitational waves, as (a) sensors that use gravitational waves to detect objects in space; (b) a system that creates artificial gravity
2020-09-16 adult fantasy n. (1932) fantasy intended for adults rather than children
2020-09-03 midspace adj. (1931) occurring in midspace n.
2020-09-03 midspace n. (1900) outer space, viewed as an area in its own right
2020-08-31 probability world n. (1943) an alternate universe, viewed as one of many such which have differing probabilities of existing
2020-08-26 light n. 2 (1961) a light year
2020-08-26 light n. 1 (1934) = lightspeed, used as a unit of measure; cf. light-speed n. 2
2020-08-12 vidcall n. (1953) a call made on a videophone n.
2020-08-11 telepath n. (1889) a person or being with the ability to use telepathy
2020-08-11 redshirt n. (1985) a character who is not portrayed in depth; (esp.) a character whose main plot function is to be killed
2020-08-10 Whovian n. (1982) a fan of the British television series Doctor Who
2020-08-10 xenocide n. (1973) the killing or attempted killing of an entire alien species; the killing of an individual alien; (also) a person who commits this act
2020-08-10 Chicon n. (1940) a SF convention held in Chicago, esp. the 1940 Chicago Science Fiction Convention
2020-08-10 superspace n. (1939) = hyperspace n.
2020-08-08 space law n. (1939) a body of laws governing issues relating to outer space
2020-08-07 class M planet n. (1964) an Earth-type planet
2020-08-06 earth people n. (1871) natives or inhabitants of Earth; cf. earth person n.
2020-08-05 Earthite n. (1814) a native or inhabitant of Earth
2020-08-04 atomic engine n. (1914) an engine powered by nuclear energy
2020-08-04 ant-man n. (1901) an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form
2020-08-03 vape v. (1983) to vaporize by means of a weapon; to destroy completely, annihilate
2020-08-03 transmat n. (1952) = matter transmitter n.
2020-08-03 time-warped adj. (1938) transported from the past or future by a time warp n.
2020-08-03 time n. (1866) time viewed as a medium through which travel into the past or future is hypothesized or imagined to be possible
2020-08-03 thought-reading machine n. (1931) a machine that can read a person’s thoughts
2020-08-03 teleporter n. 2 (1950) a device for teleporting; = teleport n. 1
2020-08-03 teleport n. 3 (1983) an act of teleportation n.
2020-08-03 subterrene n. (1956) a subterranean tunnelling machine; esp. one which melts the rock in front of it and causes the molten rock to form a glassy lining to the tunnel as it develops
2020-08-02 spacewalker n. (1930) a machine designed to enable a person to walk in space
2020-07-31 sonic screwdriver n. (1968) in the British television series Doctor Who: a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions
2020-07-31 robocop n. (1957) a robotic or bionic law enforcement officer
2020-07-31 retcon v. (1989) to revise retrospectively (an aspect of a fictional work or series), typically by means of a revelation which imposes a different interpretation on previously described events; cf. retcon n.
2020-07-30 precog n. 2 (1954) precognition; foreknowledge, esp. as a form of extrasensory perception; cf. precog n. 1 and earlier precog v.
2020-07-30 Planet X n. (1976) (an arbitrary designation for) an unknown or hypothetical alien planet
2020-07-27 neural adj. (1951) connected directly to the nervous system; relating to or designating an interface between an electronic device and the nervous system
2020-07-27 nanite n. (1989) a nanomachine designed to build other nanomachines; a self-reproducing nanorobot
2020-07-27 multiverse n. 2 (1973) in figurative use: a sphere of very varied possibility, such as the mind or the imagination
2020-07-27 materialize v. (1927) to appear in a (reconstituted) physical form after travelling through space or time by means of a matter transmitter or similar device
2020-07-27 lifeboat n. (1907) a small spacecraft designed for escaping from a damaged spaceship or space station; cf. lifeship n.; escape ship n.
2020-07-26 jet pack n. (1952) a device, worn over the shoulders like a backpack, that enables the wearer to travel through the air or in space by means of jet propulsion
2020-07-26 transporter n. (1940) a device for conveying people or things instantaneously from one place to another, esp. a machine which converts matter into energy, individual atoms, information, etc., and transmits it in this form to another location where it is reconstituted; = matter transmitter n.
2020-07-26 lightsaber n. (1975) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade
2020-07-24 Hugo n. (1953) any of several awards presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention for excellence in science fiction or fantasy writing, art, publishing, etc.
2020-07-22 Franken- prefix (1967) (used to form nouns in the sense ‘created or modified by scientific techniques, esp. genetic engineering’)
2020-07-22 Flash Gordon adj. (1938) used attributively to indicate something science-fictional, especially relating to or suggestive of stereotypical or hackneyed science fiction; Buck Rogers n.
2020-07-21 relaxicon n. (No cites) see relaxacon n.