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Date added Word Definition
2020-12-11 space gun n. 2 (1932) a weapon used in by people in space; a toy handgun of a style imagined to be used by space travellers
2020-12-10 space-bound adj. 2 (1942) headed to space
2020-12-09 matrix n. (1976) with the: = cyberspace n.
2020-12-09 loc v. (1962) to write a loc (to)
2020-12-09 braintape n. (1946) a recording of the (entire) contents of a person’s mind
2020-12-07 hypospray n. (1947) an injection device that forces a fine, high-pressure jet of fluid through the skin without breaking it
2020-12-07 tribble n. (1967) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a species of small, furry, featureless alien
2020-12-07 smeghead n. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: a foolish or contemptible person
2020-12-07 smeg n. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: (used as a mild expletive)
2020-12-07 smeg v. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: (used as a mild expletive)
2020-12-07 3V n. (No cites) see tri-v n.
2020-12-07 planetside n. (1959) the surface of a planet; a base or other installation on a planet
2020-12-06 newspeak n. (1949) the artificial language used for official propaganda in the dystopia of Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four; (hence) any form of English regarded as dishonest, corrupt, etc.; esp. ambiguous or euphemistic language as used in official pronouncements or political propaganda
2020-12-05 Wookiee n. (1974) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: (a member of) a race of tall, hairy, humanoid aliens
2020-12-05 Romulan n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race
2020-12-05 mundane adj. 2 (2004) denoting a subgenre of science fiction characterized by a rejection of themes considered scientifically implausible (as faster-than-light travel, alternate universes, etc.)
2020-11-30 space sailor n. (1933) a person who travels in space, esp. as a profession
2020-11-29 suit radio n. (1941) = suit phone n.
2020-11-29 Padawan n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: an apprentice Jedi; also (often humorously) in extended and allusive use: a youthful, naive, or untrained person
2020-11-29 triffid n. (1951) in John Wyndham’s novel The Day of the Triffids: one of a race of malevolent alien plants which threaten to overrun the world
2020-11-27 Tardis n. 2 (1969) (literally or figuratively) something with a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests
2020-11-27 TARDIS n. 1 (1963) in the British television series Doctor Who: a time machine having the outward form of a police telephone box; (hence) any means of travelling through time
2020-11-23 energy rifle n. (1934) an energy gun in the form of a long shoulder weapon
2020-11-23 light barrier n. 1 (1930) a force field made of beams of light
2020-11-23 light barrier n. 2 (1950) the speed of light, as a theoretical limit of speed of any object
2020-11-20 jet car n. (1946) a form of aircar powered by jets
2020-11-18 hyperspeed n. (1951) a speed faster than the speed of light
2020-11-17 Lunarian adj. (1813) of or characteristic of the Moon
2020-11-12 atomics n. 1 (1932) any device powered by nuclear energy, esp. a nuclear-powered engine
2020-11-12 atomics n. 2 (1943) atomic weapons
2020-11-11 pseudogravitational adj. (1942) of or relating to pseudogravity n.
2020-11-11 pseudo-gravitation n. (1941) = pseudogravity n.
2020-11-11 time radio n. (1934) a device that allows messages (but not physical objects) to be sent across time
2020-11-11 unobtainium n. (1956) a hypothetical substance that would be highly desirable but is unrealized or unobtainable; a notional substance with exceptional or ideal properties
2020-11-11 plane n. (1927) = dimension n.
2020-11-11 omniverse n. (1948) all universes collectively; cf. multiverse n. 1
2020-11-11 contragravity n. (1929) = antigravity n.
2020-11-11 time hopper n. 1 (1955) = time machine n.
2020-11-11 time hopper n. 2 (1967) = time traveller n.
2020-11-11 red pill n. (1998) a drug that reveals esp. unpleasant truths of the real world; cf. blue pill n.
2020-11-11 blue pill n. (1998) a drug that allows one to remain ignorant of reality; cf. red pill n.
2020-11-11 time police n. (1950) officers who regulate time travel or other time-related phenomena; (specif.) officers who travel through time to attempt to prevent the past from being changed; a (government) body responsible for time-related phenomena
2020-11-11 time fault n. (1934) a disturbance in time; a place where time travel is possible, or where time progresses in unpredictable ways; cf. time-slip n., time storm n.
2020-11-10 nowhen adv. (1982) (in time-travel contexts): in or at no time
2020-11-10 Standard n. (1952) (the name of) a language spoken on multiple worlds or by multiple species; the common language of a group or place; cf. Galactic n. 2
2020-11-10 everywhen n. (1942) (in time-travel contexts) all points in time
2020-11-10 Anglic n. (1950) a future language descended from Modern English
2020-11-06 -con suffix (1939) (used to form the names of conventions, with the first element indicating the location or (typically in informal designations) the main subject or focus of the event); cf. con n.
2020-11-06 Dark Side n. 2 (1975) the force of evil
2020-11-06 eyetracks n. (1952) imaginary marks left on a book by the act of reading it