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Date added Word Definition
2020-12-07 hypospray n. (1947) an injection device which forces a fine, high-pressure jet of fluid through the skin without breaking it
2020-12-07 tribble n. (1967) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a species of small, furry, featureless alien
2020-12-07 smeghead n. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: a foolish or contemptible person
2020-12-07 smeg n. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: (used as a mild expletive)
2020-12-07 smeg v. (1988) in the British TV series Red Dwarf: (used as a mild expletive)
2020-12-07 3V n. (No cites) see tri-v n.
2020-12-07 planetside n. (1959) the surface of a planet; a base or other installation on a planet
2020-12-06 newspeak n. (1949) the artificial language used for official propaganda in the dystopia of Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four; (hence): any corrupt form of English; esp. ambiguous or euphemistic language as used in official pronouncements or political propaganda
2020-12-05 Wookiee n. (1974) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: (a member of) a race of tall, hairy, humanoid aliens
2020-12-05 Romulan n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race
2020-12-05 mundane adj. 2 (2004) denoting a subgenre of science fiction characterized by a rejection of themes considered scientifically implausible (as faster-than-light travel, alternate universes, etc.)
2020-11-30 space sailor n. (1933) a person who travels in space, esp. as a profession
2020-11-29 suit radio n. (1941) = suit phone n.
2020-11-29 Padawan n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: an apprentice Jedi; also (often humorously) in extended and allusive use: a youthful, naive, or untrained person
2020-11-29 triffid n. (1951) in John Wyndham’s novel The Day of the Triffids: one of a race of malevolent alien plants which threaten to overrun the world
2020-11-27 Tardis n. 2 (1969) (literally or figuratively) something with a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests
2020-11-27 TARDIS n. 1 (1963) in the British television series Doctor Who: a time machine having the outward form of a police telephone box; (hence) any means of travelling through time
2020-11-23 energy rifle n. (1934) an energy gun in the form of a long shoulder weapon
2020-11-23 light barrier n. 1 (1930) a force field made of beams of light
2020-11-23 light barrier n. 2 (1950) the speed of light, as a theoretical limit of speed of any object
2020-11-20 jet car n. (1946) a form of aircar powered by jets
2020-11-18 hyperspeed n. (1951) a speed faster than the speed of light
2020-11-17 Lunarian adj. (1813) of or characteristic of the Moon
2020-11-12 atomics n. 1 (1932) any device powered by nuclear energy, esp. a nuclear-powered engine
2020-11-12 atomics n. 2 (1943) atomic weapons
2020-11-11 pseudogravitational adj. (1942) of or relating to pseudogravity n.
2020-11-11 pseudo-gravitation n. (1941) = pseudogravity n.
2020-11-11 time radio n. (1934) a device that allows messages (but not physical objects) to be sent across time
2020-11-11 unobtainium n. (1956) a hypothetical substance that would be highly desirable but is unrealized or unobtainable; a notional substance with exceptional or ideal properties
2020-11-11 plane n. (1927) = dimension n.
2020-11-11 omniverse n. (1948) all universes collectively; cf. multiverse n. 1
2020-11-11 contragravity n. (1929) = antigravity n.
2020-11-11 time hopper n. 1 (1955) = time machine n.
2020-11-11 time hopper n. 2 (1967) = time traveller n.
2020-11-11 red pill n. (1998) a drug that reveals esp. unpleasant truths of the real world; cf. blue pill n.
2020-11-11 blue pill n. (1998) a drug that allows one to remain ignorant of reality; cf. red pill n.
2020-11-11 time police n. (1950) officers who travels through time to attempt to prevent the past from being changed; a governmental body that regulates time travel
2020-11-11 time fault n. (1934) a disturbance in time; a place where time travel is possible, or where time progresses in unpredictable ways; cf. time-slip n., time storm n.
2020-11-10 nowhen adv. (1982) (in time-travel contexts): in or at no time
2020-11-10 Standard n. (1952) (the name of) a language spoken on multiple worlds or by multiple species; the common language of a group or place; cf. Galactic n. 2
2020-11-10 everywhen n. (1942) (in time-travel contexts) all points in time
2020-11-10 Anglic n. (1950) a future language descended from Modern English
2020-11-06 -con suffix (1940) (used to form the names of conventions, with the first element indicating the location or (typically in informal designations) the main subject or focus of the event) cf. con n.
2020-11-06 Dark Side n. 2 (1975) the force of evil
2020-11-06 eyetracks n. (1952) imaginary marks left on a book by the act of reading it
2020-11-05 gravity plate n. (1930) a device that creates or nullifies the effects of gravity
2020-11-04 Law of Robotics n. (1944) in the writing of Isaac Asimov: each of three (later sometimes four) rules devised to govern the behaviour of robots
2020-11-03 motherworld n. (1928) the planet on which a species originated; cf. homeworld n.
2020-11-03 novum n. (1972) an element in a work of science fiction that establishes that the work takes place in a non-normal world; the key science-fictional element in a work
2020-11-03 impossible story n. (1913) esp. in the early pulp era: a work of imaginative fiction; a different story n.