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Date added Word Definition
2021-03-19 robotrix n. (1933) a robot assigned a female identity; a robot having female or feminine characteristics
2021-03-16 fanarchistic adj. (1944) preferring to avoid organized forms of fandom
2021-03-16 fanarchist n. (1942) a fan who shuns organized fandom; a fan who advocates for individual or small-group activities
2021-03-15 xenopsychology n. (1972) the psychology of alien races
2021-03-15 xenopsychologist n. (1980) a specialist in xenopsychology n.
2021-03-10 psychohistorian n. (1945) an expert in psychohistory n.
2021-03-08 companion n. (1963) in the British television series Doctor Who: any of the usually human characters who (regularly) travel with the Doctor
2021-03-08 regeneration n. (1978) in the British television series Doctor Who: the process by which a Time Lord transforms themself into a new physical form, esp. after an experience that would otherwise be fatal; (also) a particular manifestation of a Time Lord
2021-03-08 Cyberman n. (1966) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of emotionless cybernetic humanoids
2021-03-08 time lord n. (1969) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Gallifrey who are able to control time-travel technology
2021-03-02 Earthish n. (1956) a universal language of Earth; = Earthian n. 2
2021-03-01 speeder n. (1932) any of various small personal vehicles, typically travelling on or very close to the ground
2021-03-01 landspeeder n. (1977) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a small vehicle that uses antigravity technology to hover close to the ground
2021-02-26 autodoc n. (1965) a system providing automated medical care
2021-02-24 tesser v. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: to travel through space by means of a tesseract n.
2021-02-24 tesseract n. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: a means of travelling through space by manipulating the dimensions of spacetime
2021-02-23 grimdark n. (2008) a subgenre of (esp. fantasy) fiction characterized by a nihilistic, violent, and dystopian atmosphere or setting
2021-02-22 hyperspatial adj. (1934) in or relating to hyperspace n.
2021-02-22 downtime adj. (1978) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the past; cf. uptime adj.
2021-02-22 downtime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the past; cf. uptime adv.
2021-02-21 xenocidal adj. (1979) of, pertaining to, or involving xenocide n.
2021-02-20 asterite n. (1933) a native or inhabitant of an asteroid
2021-02-20 realspace n. (1973) the ordinary universe; space that exists outside of hyperspace, wormholes, or other notional regions used for faster-than-light travel; cf. otherspace n.
2021-02-19 topside adv. (1933) in or towards the upper parts of a spacecraft; (also) in or towards orbit
2021-02-18 Vulcan nerve pinch n. (1968) a one-handed pinch delivered (chiefly by Vulcans) to the base of a person’s neck that immediately renders the victim unconscious
2021-02-18 Vulcan mind meld n. (1968) = mind-meld n.
2021-02-18 Vulcan n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a member of a humanoid alien race, characterized by strictly logical and rational thinking and the suppression of normal human emotions; (hence) a person regarded as having similar characteristics
2021-02-18 cryosleep n. (1972) = cold sleep n.
2021-02-13 hubward adv. (1977) (of a rotating or circular body, as a space station) near or towards the center, rather than the edge
2021-02-12 thud and blunder n. (1940) (a disparaging term for) an adventure story that features violent exploits
2021-02-11 groundlubber n. (1939) = groundhog n.
2021-02-02 Afrofuturism n. (1993) a movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science-fictional themes which incorporate elements of Black (American) history and culture
2021-01-30 spindizzy n. (1950) in James Blish’s City in Flight series: a faster-than-light antigravity drive powered by a field that alters the magnetic rotation of atoms
2021-01-29 conlang n. (1991) an artificially created language; esp. a language invented to represent the speech of an alien race
2021-01-28 frak v. (1978) (a euphemism for) fuck, in various senses and parts of speech
2021-01-28 time barrier n. (1933) something (either inherent or created) that prevents travel through time
2021-01-27 wetware n. (1963) biological structures or systems regarded as analogous to computer equipment; (specif.) the human brain; the mind, esp. when able to be affected or altered by computer processes
2021-01-27 flux capacitor n. (1981) in the film Back to the Future and its sequels: the core component of the time machine made of a DeLorean automobile
2021-01-27 anti-agathic adj. (1954) (of a drug, medical treatment, etc.) that prolongs life
2021-01-27 anti-agathic n. (1954) a drug or other medical treatment that prolongs life
2021-01-26 tricorder n. (1966) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a medium-sized hand-held device used for data sensing, analysis, and recording
2021-01-24 blast rifle n. (1935) a long shoulder weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy; cf. blaster n.
2021-01-23 space dog n. (1937) = spacehound n.
2021-01-23 space cruiser n. (1925) a spaceship; = cruiser n.
2021-01-23 Borg n. (1989) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a group of cybernetically enhanced aliens linked in a hive mind n.
2021-01-21 soma n. (1932) in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: a narcotic drug which produces euphoria and hallucination, distributed by the state in order to control the population by promoting content and social harmony
2021-01-14 Clarke’s Law n. (1962) any of three maxims formulated by Arthur C. Clarke (sometimes specified as Clarke’s First Law, Clarke’s Second Law, Clarke’s Third Law): (a) ‘When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong’ (b) ‘The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.’ (c) ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’
2021-01-14 space car n. (1928) = spacecraft n.
2021-01-13 spaceboot n. (1932) footwear intended for use in outer space or on other worlds
2021-01-06 skiffy n. (1978) = sci-fi n.