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Date added Word Definition
2021-05-13 atmosphere suit n. (1948) = space suit n.
2021-04-30 mecha n. (1986) chiefly in anime or manga: a large combat robot having humanoid form, typically controlled by an occupant
2021-04-30 mech n. (1938) = robot n.; (also) = mecha n.
2021-04-29 biosuit n. (1969) any of various protective garments, as: a suit designed to protect the wearer from biological hazards; a protective suit made of biological materials; a relatively flexible and lightweight spacesuit
2021-04-29 Mercurian adj. (1897) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the planet Mercury or its inhabitants
2021-04-29 weirdist n. (1936) an author or fan of weird fiction
2021-04-29 telepath v. (1885) to transmit (a message, image, etc.) by telepathy; (also) to communicate with (a person) by telepathy; also intransitive; cf. telepathize v.
2021-04-28 planetman n. (1937) a person from one’s home planet n.
2021-04-28 thought-variant n. (1933) a story characterized by a focus on significant ideas rather than action
2021-04-28 sensawunda n. (1961) = sense of wonder n.
2021-04-16 shipmind n. (1975) an intelligent entity (alien or computer-based) that helps control a spacecraft
2021-04-13 rocketport n. (1931) a place where rockets can take off and land; cf. spaceport n.
2021-04-12 warship n. (1898) a military spaceship designed for combat
2021-04-12 fleet n. (1898) = space fleet n.
2021-04-12 battleship n. (1900) a military spaceship having heavy armor and powerful weapons
2021-04-11 Lunite n. (1928) a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunarite n.
2021-04-11 Lunarite n. (1888) a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunite n.
2021-04-11 Loonie n. (1941) a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunite n.; Lunarite n.
2021-04-02 scouter n. (1936) = scout ship n.
2021-04-02 scout ship n. (1930) a usu. small and fast spaceship used for reconnaissance
2021-04-01 sailship n. (1964) a spacecraft using a solar sail as its chief method of propulsion
2021-03-30 NAFAL adj. (1969) of space travel: at relativistic speed; of a spaceship: capable of travelling at relativistic speed
2021-03-29 armorplast n. (1964) a strong protective material likened to plastic (as being light, flexible, or transparent)
2021-03-29 gravity n. (1930) = gee n. 2
2021-03-25 organlegging n. (1969) the illegal trading of human organs for transplant; cf. organlegger n.
2021-03-25 meatspace n. (1993) the physical world, in contrast to cyberspace or a virtual environment; cf. slightly earlier meat world n.
2021-03-25 datapad n. (1962) a thin handheld electronic device for viewing and manipulating information; a tablet computer
2021-03-24 escape ship n. (1932) = lifeboat n.; lifeship n.
2021-03-22 mundane n. 1 (1946) a non-imaginative story
2021-03-19 robotrix n. (1933) a robot assigned a female identity; a robot having female or feminine characteristics
2021-03-16 fanarchistic adj. (1944) preferring to avoid organized forms of fandom
2021-03-16 fanarchist n. (1942) a fan who shuns organized fandom; a fan who advocates for individual or small-group activities
2021-03-15 xenopsychology n. (1972) the psychology of alien races
2021-03-15 xenopsychologist n. (1980) an expert in xenopsychology n.
2021-03-10 psychohistorian n. (1945) an expert in psychohistory n.
2021-03-08 companion n. (1963) in the British television series Doctor Who: any of the usually human characters who (regularly) travel with the Doctor
2021-03-08 regeneration n. (1978) in the British television series Doctor Who: the process by which a Time Lord transforms themself into a new physical form, esp. after an experience that would otherwise be fatal; (also) a particular manifestation of a Time Lord
2021-03-08 Cyberman n. (1966) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of emotionless cybernetic humanoids
2021-03-08 time lord n. (1969) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Gallifrey who are able to control time-travel technology
2021-03-02 Earthish n. (1956) a universal language of Earth; = Earthian n. 2
2021-03-01 speeder n. (1932) any of various small personal vehicles, typically travelling on or very close to the ground
2021-03-01 landspeeder n. (1977) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a small vehicle that uses antigravity technology to hover close to the ground
2021-02-26 autodoc n. (1965) a system providing automated medical care
2021-02-24 tesser v. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: to travel through space by means of a tesseract n.
2021-02-24 tesseract n. (1962) in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time: a means of travelling through space by manipulating the dimensions of spacetime
2021-02-23 grimdark n. (2008) a subgenre of (esp. fantasy) fiction characterized by a nihilistic, violent, and dystopian atmosphere or setting
2021-02-22 hyperspatial adj. (1934) in or relating to hyperspace n.
2021-02-22 downtime adj. (1978) esp. in time-travel contexts: in or from the past; cf. uptime adj.
2021-02-22 downtime adv. (1972) esp. in time-travel contexts: in, into, or toward the past; cf. uptime adv.