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Date added Word Definition
2021-12-06 Peter Parker principle n. (No cites) see Spider-Man principle n.
2021-12-06 Spider-Man principle n. (2003) the adage ‘with great power comes great responsibility’
2021-11-30 astrogating n. (1932) = astrogation n.
2021-11-23 needle pistol n. (1933) a handheld needle gun n.
2021-11-19 biotech n. (1951) = biotechnician n.
2021-11-12 meat world n. (1992) = meatspace n.
2021-11-09 New Weird n. (2002) a genre that incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, typically in a complex urban setting
2021-10-26 stellar cartography n. (1883) a branch of cartography concerned with astronomical objects; (occas. cap.) an organizational unit or work area devoted to this; cf. astrogation n.
2021-10-25 time binding n. (1921) in General Semantics: the characteristically human ability to transmit knowledge to succeeding generations by means of (written) language; (hence, in Fandom) the act of documenting fannish activities
2021-10-22 power-up n. (1983) in a video game: an item that immediately provides temporary extra abilities to a player
2021-10-15 galaxy-wide adv. (1949) throughout a galaxy
2021-10-14 doppel n. (1981) a duplicate version of a person, as a clone, a virtual-reality representation, a shapeshifter, etc.
2021-10-11 fantascience n. (1934) = science fantasy n. 3; science fiction n. 2
2021-10-08 shaggy god story n. (1965) a story in which a religious (esp. biblical) myth is explained as having a science fictional origin
2021-09-28 combozine n. (1946) a collection of zines bound or published together, esp. for distribution at a convention
2021-09-27 pseudopod n. (1929) a temporary functional limb extended from the body of an amorphous being
2021-09-24 fanning n. (1940) the practice or activity of being a fan; participation in fandom
2021-09-23 cybernetically adv. (1951) by means of cybernetic technology
2021-09-22 Africanfuturism n. (2018) Nnedi Okorafor’s term for: a subgenre of science fiction that heavily features elements of African history or culture; cf. Afrofuturism
2021-09-22 Afrofuturistic adj. (2000) = Afrofuturist adj.
2021-09-22 Afrofuturist adj. (1994) of, relating to, or characterized by Afrofuturism n.
2021-09-21 automatics n. (1932) a system that controls the flight of a spacecraft with little or no human intervention; any system or technology for the unsupervised control of a vehicle, environment, etc.
2021-09-21 beast mode n. (1991) in a video game: a (temporary) state in which a human transforms into an animal or mythical creature, typically having extra power or skills; (hence) a (temporary) state of aggression or great performance
2021-09-20 kilohour n. (1989) a period of one thousand hours
2021-09-16 timequake n. (1954) a sudden significant disturbance in the continuity of time; cf. time storm n., time-slip n.
2021-09-15 fan film n. (1961) a movie made by a fan; audiovisual fan fiction n.
2021-09-14 cityship n. (1953) a large spacecraft having the size or complexity of a city
2021-09-13 murderbot n. (2006) a robot or cyborg designed chiefly to inflict violence
2021-09-02 impeller n. (1936) a device used to produce propulsive thrust
2021-09-01 cli-fi n. (2009) a subgenre of science fiction concerned with the effects of climate change
2021-08-31 kipple n. (1960) useless or unwanted (household) objects; junk; rubbish
2021-08-30 prodom n. (1941) the world of professional writing, in contrast to fan writing or activities
2021-08-26 construct n. (1970) an intelligent entity that is not biological, as a sentient hologram or a digital intelligence; an artificially created or hybridized being
2021-08-24 message rocket n. (1933) a (small) rocket used to carry a message
2021-08-19 ray-proof adj. (1905) impervious to energy rays, esp. ray weapons
2021-08-18 time patrol n. (1955) = time police n.
2021-08-16 Ellisonian adj. (1954) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Harlan Ellison
2021-08-13 gravitonic adj. (1929) of or relating to gravitons
2021-08-11 near-future adj. (1954) denoting a subgenre of science fiction set in a future recognizably similar to a contemporary setting, having only moderate differences in technology
2021-08-10 Bonestellian adj. (1953) of, relating to, or characteristic of the art of Chesley Bonestell, esp. in featuring accurate depictions of astronomical objects
2021-08-09 skin job n. 2 (1981) a robot that has skin; (spec.) an android that cannot easily be distinguished from a human
2021-08-09 skin job n. 1 (1958) a skin transplant (esp. for the purpose of changing or concealing one’s identity); cosmetic surgery performed on the skin
2021-08-06 Ballardian adj. (1964) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of J. G. Ballard, esp. in featuring desolate, dystopian settings and a pessimistic view of the effects of modern technological society
2021-08-04 Lovecraftian adj. (1927) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, esp. in featuring elements of supernatural and often existential horror
2021-08-03 Campbellian adj. (1949) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing that appeared in the magazines edited by John W. Campbell, esp. in featuring heroic characters in technologically advanced scenarios
2021-08-03 Gernsbackian adj. (1952) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing that appeared in the magazines edited by Hugo Gernsback, esp. in featuring extensive discussions of scientific or technological issues
2021-08-02 Bradburian adj. (1951) = Bradburyish adj.
2021-08-02 Bradburyesque adj. (1948) = Bradburyish adj.
2021-08-02 Bradburyish adj. (1948) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Ray Bradbury, esp. in focusing on psychological concerns (often based on the presumed simplicity of personal interactions) rather than technological developments