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Date added Word Definition
2022-01-06 earthshine n. (1813) sunlight reflected from Earth (esp. as illuminating or visible on the surface of the Moon)
2021-12-30 Sirian n. 2 (1949) the language of Sirians
2021-12-29 Sirian adj. (1876) of or relating to the Sirius system or its inhabitants
2021-12-29 Sirian n. 1 (1834) a native or inhabitant of the Sirius system
2021-12-28 Venusian n. 2 (1931) the language of Venusians
2021-12-23 Callistan n. 2 (1941) the language of Callistans
2021-12-23 Callistan adj. (1933) of or relating to the Jovian moon Callisto or its inhabitants
2021-12-23 Callistan n. 1 (1932) a native or inhabitant of the Jovian moon Callisto
2021-12-22 glitch n. (1998) in phrase a glitch in the matrix: in the 1999 film The Matrix: an anomaly in the virtual representation of reality in which much of the film takes place, indicating a change or error in the underlying computer simulation; (hence, broadly) a mistake, an error, a problem
2021-12-20 Europan adj. (1931) of or relating to the Jovian moon Europa or its inhabitants
2021-12-20 Europan n. 2 (1930) the language of Europans
2021-12-20 Europan n. 1 (1930) a native or inhabitant of the Jovian moon Europa
2021-12-17 Saturnian n. 2 (1935) the language of Saturnians
2021-12-17 Saturnian adj. (1675) of or relating to the the planet Saturn or its inhabitants
2021-12-16 Saturnian n. 1 (1738) a native or inhabitant of the planet Saturn
2021-12-16 Neptunian n. 2 (1930) the language of Neptunians
2021-12-16 Neptunian adj. (1849) of or relating to the the planet Neptune or its inhabitants
2021-12-09 holovid n. (1973) a holographic video; a device or system that displays or records holographic videos; cf. holovision n.
2021-12-06 Peter Parker principle n. (No cites) see Spider-Man principle n.
2021-12-06 Spider-Man principle n. (2003) the adage ‘with great power comes great responsibility’
2021-11-30 astrogating n. (1932) = astrogation n.
2021-11-23 needle pistol n. (1933) a handheld needle gun n.
2021-11-19 biotech n. (1951) = biotechnician n.
2021-11-12 meat world n. (1992) = meatspace n.
2021-11-09 New Weird n. (2002) a genre that incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, typically in a complex urban setting
2021-10-26 stellar cartography n. (1883) a branch of cartography concerned with astronomical objects; (occas. cap.) an organizational unit or work area devoted to this; cf. astrogation n.
2021-10-25 time binding n. (1921) in General Semantics: the characteristically human ability to transmit knowledge to succeeding generations by means of (written) language; (hence, in Fandom) the act of documenting fannish activities
2021-10-22 power-up n. (1983) in a video game: an item that immediately provides temporary extra abilities to a player
2021-10-15 galaxy-wide adv. (1949) throughout a galaxy
2021-10-14 doppel n. (1981) a duplicate version of a person, as a clone, a virtual-reality representation, a shapeshifter, etc.
2021-10-11 fantascience n. (1934) = science fantasy n. 3; science fiction n. 2
2021-10-08 shaggy god story n. (1965) a story in which a religious (esp. biblical) myth is explained as having a science fictional origin
2021-09-28 combozine n. (1946) a collection of zines bound or published together, esp. for distribution at a convention
2021-09-27 pseudopod n. (1929) a temporary functional limb extended from the body of an amorphous being
2021-09-24 fanning n. (1941) the practice or activity of being a fan; participation in fandom
2021-09-23 cybernetically adv. (1951) by means of cybernetic technology
2021-09-22 Africanfuturism n. (2018) Nnedi Okorafor’s term for: a subgenre of science fiction that heavily features elements of African history or culture; cf. Afrofuturism
2021-09-22 Afrofuturistic adj. (2000) = Afrofuturist adj.
2021-09-22 Afrofuturist adj. (1994) of, relating to, or characterized by Afrofuturism n.
2021-09-21 automatics n. (1932) a system that controls the flight of a spacecraft with little or no human intervention; any system or technology for the unsupervised control of a vehicle, environment, etc.
2021-09-21 beast mode n. (1991) in a video game: a (temporary) state in which a human transforms into an animal or mythical creature, typically having extra power or skills; (hence) a (temporary) state of aggression or great performance
2021-09-20 kilohour n. (1989) a period of one thousand hours
2021-09-16 timequake n. (1954) a sudden significant disturbance in the continuity of time; cf. time storm n., time-slip n.
2021-09-15 fan film n. (1961) a movie made by a fan; audiovisual fan fiction n.
2021-09-14 cityship n. (1953) a large spacecraft having the size or complexity of a city
2021-09-13 murderbot n. (2006) a robot or cyborg designed chiefly to inflict violence
2021-09-02 impeller n. (1936) a device used to produce propulsive thrust
2021-09-01 cli-fi n. (2009) a subgenre of science fiction concerned with the effects of climate change
2021-08-31 kipple n. (1960) useless or unwanted (household) objects; junk; rubbish