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Date added Word Definition
2022-08-25 mind-controlling adj. (1929) of a device or a being: having the ability to control a person’s thoughts or actions; (also) of or relating to mind control n.
2022-08-25 mind-controlled adj. (1938) of a device or a being: controlled by another person’s thoughts
2022-08-23 telepathize v. (1894) = telepath v.
2022-08-23 mind-control v. (1970) to use mind control on (a person); to control or influence (a person) telepathically
2022-08-11 Callistonian adj. (1930) = Callistan adj.
2022-08-11 Callistonian n. (1930) = Callistan n. 1
2022-07-27 men in black n. (1956) dark-clothed men of unknown identity or origin, who supposedly visit those who have encountered a UFO or alien in order to prevent them from publicizing their experience
2022-07-20 beamer n. (1945) a device (esp. a weapon) that emits a beam of energy
2022-07-12 teleview n. (1905) a device or system for displaying video
2022-07-05 planet-hopping adj. (1946) that planet-hops; of or relating to planet-hopping n.
2022-07-05 planet-hopping n. (1945) the action of making (short) trips from one planet to another
2022-07-05 planet-hop v. (1953) to travel from one planet to another, esp. in short trips
2022-07-05 planet hop n. (1948) a (short) trip made from one planet to another
2022-06-24 home sun n. (1929) = home star n.
2022-06-21 space-pale adj. (1948) pale from being in space; cf. space-tanned adj.
2022-06-13 space-born adj. 2 (1944) (of something non-living) developed or created in space, rather than on a planet; originating in space
2022-06-13 space-born adj. 1 (1940) (of a person) born in space, rather than on a planet
2022-06-06 space epic n. (1943) a subgenre of science fiction featuring adventure-driven plots set in outer space; a work in this genre; cf. space opera n.
2022-06-03 insectoidal adj. (1956) = insectoid adj.
2022-06-02 Hamiltonian adj. (1939) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Edmond Hamilton
2022-05-23 Lovecraftian n. (1944) a devotee or follower of H.P. Lovecraft
2022-05-20 wallscreen n. (1931) a large wall-mounted video display
2022-05-18 sol n. 2 (1939) = solar n.
2022-05-18 solar n. (1942) a unit of currency, esp. one used throughout a solar system; cf. earlier sol n. 2
2022-05-17 science fiction n. 1 (1897) a work of science fiction n. 2
2022-05-05 gram v. (1940) = spacegram v.
2022-05-05 spacegram v. (1931) transitive to send (a spacegram); also with recipient as object, and intransitive
2022-05-05 spacegram n. (1931) a brief (written) message sent through space
2022-04-28 life tube n. (1930) an escape pod having a cylindrical shape; cf. lifeboat n.
2022-04-25 suit phone n. (1931) a communications system in the helmet of a space suit; cf. suit radio n.
2022-04-19 Titanese adj. (1932) of, or related to, the Saturnian moon Titan or its inhabitants; cf. Titanian adj.
2022-04-19 Titanese n. (1932) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (also) a language used on Titan or by Titanese; cf Titanian n.
2022-04-18 Titanian adj. (1931) of or relating to the Saturnian moon of Titan or its inhabitants; (rarely) of or relating to the Uranian moon Titania or its inhabitants
2022-04-18 Titanian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Saturnian moon Titan; (rarely) a native or inhabitant of the Uranian moon Titania
2022-04-14 astroengineer n. (1947) an engineer who works on spacecraft or in space; a person who designs or operates the propulsion systems of spacecraft
2022-04-11 starport n. (1950) a place where (interstellar) spacecraft can take off and land; = spaceport n.
2022-04-07 jaunt v. (1956) esp. in reference to teleportation by psychic rather than technological means: = teleport v. 1; = teleport v. 2
2022-04-06 saucer people n. (1952) = saucerians
2022-04-06 saucerian n. (1947) a being that travels in a flying saucer; = alien n.
2022-03-28 time-warping adj. (1940) that creates a time warp; that moves (something) through time; (also) of or relating to a time warp
2022-03-25 Kornbluthian adj. (1941) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of Cyril M. Kornbluth
2022-03-23 Jonbar adj. (1977) in time-travel or alternate-history contexts: denoting a point at which a (trivial) action can result in a significantly different timeline (chiefly in form Jonbar hinge, Jonbar point)
2022-03-17 Marsian n. 2 (1882) the language of Marsians; = Martian n. 2
2022-03-17 Marsian adj. (1882) of or relating to the the planet Mars or its inhabitants; = Martian adj.
2022-03-17 Marsian n. 1 (1853) a native or inhabitant of the planet Mars; = Martian n. 1
2022-03-14 out-planet adj. (1944) = outworld adj.
2022-03-14 out-planet n. (1943) = outworld n.
2022-03-11 ion gun n. (1935) an energy weapon that emits ions
2022-03-10 Vestan adj. (1941) of or relating to the asteroid Vesta or its inhabitants
2022-03-10 Vestan n. (1942) a native or inhabitant of the asteroid Vesta