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Date added Word Definition
2020-08-10 superspace n. (1939) = hyperspace n.
2020-08-08 space law n. (1939) a body of laws governing issues relating to outer space
2020-08-07 class M planet n. (1964) an Earth-type planet
2020-08-06 earth people n. (1871) natives or inhabitants of Earth; cf. earth person n.
2020-08-05 Earthite n. (1814) a native or inhabitant of Earth
2020-08-04 atomic engine n. (1914) an engine powered by nuclear energy
2020-08-04 ant-man n. (1901) an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form
2020-08-03 vape v. (1976) to vaporize by means of a weapon; to destroy completely, annihilate
2020-08-03 transmat n. (1952) = matter transmitter n.
2020-08-03 time-warped adj. (1938) transported from the past or future by a time warp n.
2020-08-03 time n. (1866) time viewed as a medium through which travel into the past or future is hypothesized or imagined to be possible
2020-08-03 thought-reading machine n. (1931) a machine that can read a person’s thoughts
2020-08-03 teleporter n. 2 (1950) a device for teleporting; = teleport n. 1
2020-08-03 teleport n. 3 (1983) an act of teleportation n.
2020-08-03 subterrene n. (1956) a subterranean tunnelling machine; esp. one which melts the rock in front of it and causes the molten rock to form a glassy lining to the tunnel as it develops
2020-08-02 spacewalker n. (1930) a machine designed to enable a person to walk in space
2020-07-31 sonic screwdriver n. (1968) in the British television series Doctor Who: a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions
2020-07-31 robocop n. (1957) a robotic or bionic law enforcement officer
2020-07-31 retcon v. (1989) to revise retrospectively (an aspect of a fictional work or series), typically by means of a revelation which imposes a different interpretation on previously described events; cf. retcon n.
2020-07-30 precog n. 2 (1954) precognition; foreknowledge, esp. as a form of extrasensory perception; cf. precog n. 1 and earlier precog v.
2020-07-30 Planet X n. (1976) (an arbitrary designation for) an unknown or hypothetical alien planet
2020-07-27 neural adj. (1951) connected directly to the nervous system; relating to or designating an interface between an electronic device and the nervous system
2020-07-27 nanite n. (1989) a nanomachine designed to build other nanomachines; a self-reproducing nanorobot
2020-07-27 multiverse n. 2 (1973) in figurative use: a sphere of very varied possibility, such as the mind or the imagination
2020-07-27 materialize v. (1927) to appear in a (reconstituted) physical form after travelling through space or time by means of a matter transmitter or similar device
2020-07-27 lifeboat n. (1907) a small spacecraft designed for escaping from a damaged spaceship or space station; cf. lifeship n.; escape ship n.
2020-07-26 jet pack n. (1952) a device, worn over the shoulders like a backpack, that enables the wearer to travel through the air or in space by means of jet propulsion
2020-07-26 transporter n. (1940) a device for conveying people or things instantaneously from one place to another, esp. a machine which converts matter into energy, individual atoms, information, etc., and transmits it in this form to another location where it is reconstituted; = matter transmitter n.
2020-07-26 lightsaber n. (1975) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade
2020-07-24 Hugo n. (1953) any of several awards presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention for excellence in science fiction or fantasy writing, art, publishing, etc.
2020-07-22 Franken- prefix (1967) (used to form nouns in the sense ‘created or modified by scientific techniques, esp. genetic engineering’)
2020-07-22 Flash Gordon adj. (1938) used attributively to indicate something science-fictional, especially relating to or suggestive of stereotypical or hackneyed science fiction; Buck Rogers n.
2020-07-21 relaxicon n. (No cites) see relaxacon n.
2020-07-21 hoverboard n. (1964) a board, resembling a skateboard without wheels, which hovers above the ground using antigravity technology and may be ridden like a skateboard; cf. earlier hovercar n.
2020-07-21 time paradox n. (1942) a paradox caused by an action of a time traveller which alters history so that the action is no longer logically possible, such as travelling into the past to murder a dictator which leads to a peaceful world from which the time traveller would have had no reason to depart; cf. grandfather paradox n., temporal paradox n.
2020-07-21 grandfather paradox n. (1939) a paradox concerning the implications of time travel, expressed by the idea that a hypothetical time traveller could potentially go back into the past and (deliberately or inadvertently) kill his or her grandfather, thus preventing the time traveller’s existence and the possibility of having travelled back into the past in the first place; cf. time paradox n.
2020-07-20 Ganymedian n. (1928) a native or inhabitant of Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
2020-07-20 Ganymedian adj. (1928) of, relating to, or from Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
2020-07-20 Jedi mind trick n. (1981) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a telepathic technique of psychological manipulation used by the Jedi
2020-07-20 Jedi n. (1973) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force. Also in extended and allusive use; esp. someone (humorously) credited with great skill or preternatural powers. Also more fully Jedi knight, Jedi master
2020-07-20 Force n. (1974) (with the) in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: a mystical universal energy field which certain individuals, such as the Jedi, can harness to gain special powers or abilities
2020-07-20 ferry n. (1941) a small spacecraft used, esp. on a regular schedule, to transport passengers or cargo over a relatively short distance, as between an orbiting craft and a planet’s surface
2020-07-20 feelie n. (1929) a motion picture augmented by tactile effects which are felt by the viewer; chiefly in plural (frequently with the): the screening of such pictures; such pictures as a type of entertainment
2020-07-19 energy vampire n. (1967) a being that feeds on energy (in various senses)
2020-07-19 energy n. (1898) energy portrayed as something which can be produced in a particular form, such as a projectile, beam, or wave, and transferred (typically with destructive effect) to a body upon contact
2020-07-19 empathist n. (1952) = empath n.
2020-07-19 ship v. (1998) transitive to discuss, portray, or advocate a romantic pairing of (two characters who appear in a work of (serial) fiction), esp. when such a pairing is not depicted in the original work; also intransitive
2020-07-19 earthly adj. (1783) belonging to or characteristic of Earth
2020-07-19 Earthish adj. (1976) of or pertaining to Earth or its inhabitants