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Date added Word Definition
2023-03-02 gravitied adj. 2 (1979) having artificial gravity
2023-03-02 gravitied adj. 1 (1940) having gravity (of a specified strength or type)
2023-02-15 pleasure planet n. (1939) a planet that is pleasurable to visit, esp. one that functions chiefly as a resort; cf. paradise planet n.
2023-02-15 paradise planet n. (1948) a planet regarded as peaceful or beautiful, esp. one having unspoilt natural beauty; cf. pleasure planet n.
2023-02-15 hell planet n. (1932) a planet regarded as dangerous or unpleasant, esp. one having climate conditions that are inhospitable for humans
2023-02-09 thionite n. (1937) an addictive drug which induces euphoric dreams
2023-02-08 spaceward adj. (1940) facing or directed towards space
2023-01-31 Rigellian n. 2 (1950) the language of Rigellians
2023-01-31 Rigellian adj. (1937) of, relating to, or characteristic of the Rigel system or its inhabitants
2023-01-31 Rigellian n. 1 (1937) a native or inhabitant of the Rigel system
2023-01-25 otherspace n. (1937) any of various types of space, as hyperspace or subspace, subject to different physical laws than our own; cf. realspace n.
2023-01-20 space bum n. (1938) a spacer who wanders aimlessly; a vagrant in space; (also) a spacer who is regarded as contemptible
2023-01-05 Cerean adj. (1883) of or relating to the dwarf planet Ceres or its inhabitants
2023-01-05 Cerean n. (1883) a native or inhabitant of the dwarf planet Ceres
2023-01-03 conapt n. (1964) an apartment in a condominium
2022-12-29 space field n. 2 (1939) a place esp. on the surface of a planet where spacecraft can take off and land; = spaceport n.
2022-12-29 space field n. 1 (1931) a field of energy
2022-12-22 Tau Cetan adj. (1959) of or relating to the Tau Ceti star system or its inhabitants
2022-12-22 Tau Cetan n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Tau Ceti star system; (also) the language of Tau Cetans
2022-12-13 Earthean adj. (1882) = Earthian adj.
2022-12-13 Earthean n. (1882) = Earthian n. 1
2022-12-13 Terrene adj. 1 (1929) = Terran adj.
2022-12-13 Terrene n. (1929) = Terran n. 1
2022-12-01 de Campian adj. (1941) of, relating to, or characteristic of the writing of L. Sprague de Camp
2022-11-29 fangirl v. (2003) esp. of a girl or woman: to exhibit extreme devotion (to) or excitement (about); to act like a fangirl n.
2022-11-29 fan v. (1941) to participate in fandom; cf. slightly earlier fanning n.
2022-11-16 gafiate n. (1956) a person who has quit fandom; one who has gafiated
2022-11-16 gafia n. 2 (1950) the state of having quit fandom (cf. earlier gafia n. 1); cf. gafiation n.
2022-11-16 gafia n. 1 (1940) participation in fandom
2022-11-11 pew n. (1971) (used to represent the sound of a weapon, esp. a beam weapon)
2022-11-01 time crime n. (1955) a violation of time travel laws, esp. an illegal attempt to change the past; such violations collectively; cf. time police n.
2022-10-18 problem story n. (1941) a story concerned primarily with the resolution of a (technical) problem
2022-10-06 thought screen n. (1931) = thought shield n.
2022-10-06 thought shield n. (1931) a mental barrier that prevents one’s thoughts from being read by a telepath; = mind shield n.
2022-10-06 thought wave n. (1849) a thought emanating from one's mind, esp. a telepathic emanation; a thought or thoughts travelling on a hypothetical medium of thought transfer
2022-09-30 planetquake n. (1887) seismic activity on the surface of a planet, especially one other than Earth
2022-09-30 moonquake n. (1847) seismic activity on the surface of the Moon or (broadly) of any moon
2022-09-30 marsquake n. (1912) seismic activity on the surface of Mars
2022-09-27 telescanner n. (1938) a scanner, esp. one used for remote visual examination
2022-09-22 plastiskin n. (1949) synthetic skin
2022-09-20 planet v. (1945) to land on or arrive at a planet; hence planeted adj.
2022-09-16 Martianess n. (1898) a female Martian
2022-09-16 supervillainess n. (1970) a woman who uses superpowers or superscience for malevolent purposes; a female supervillain n.
2022-09-16 superheroine n. (1960) a woman who uses superpowers or superscience for benevolent purposes; a female superhero n.
2022-09-12 inhuman n. (1926) a nonhuman being; cf. alien n.
2022-09-07 supervillain n. (1917) a person who uses superpowers or superscience for malevolent purposes
2022-09-01 time opera n. (1953) a subgenre of science fiction featuring adventure-driven, extravagantly dramatic plots based on time travel; a work in this genre
2022-08-30 neurolink n. (1990) a technologically based communication connection between a (human) brain and a computer system; a device providing such a connection; cf. jack in v.
2022-08-25 mind-controlling adj. (1929) of a device or a being: having the ability to control a person’s thoughts or actions; (also) of or relating to mind control n.