Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
empathist n. (1952) = empath n.
empathy n. (1956) the paranormal perception of othersโ€™ emotions; cf. empath n.
energy n. (1898) energy portrayed as something which can be produced in a particular form, such as a projectile, beam, or wave, and transferred (typically with destructive effect) to a body upon contact
energy gun n. (1917) a weapon firing a beam of energy n.; = ray gun n.
energy rifle n. (1934) an energy gun in the form of a long shoulder weapon
energy screen n. (1932) a barrier made of or against energy; a force field n.
energy vampire n. (1967) a being that feeds on energy (in various senses)
energy weapon n. (1941) a weapon that fires a beam of energy; cf. earlier energy gun n.
epic fantasy n. (1961) = high fantasy n.
escape pod n. (1976) a small, minimally equipped spacecraft for emergency use; = lifeboat n.
escape ship n. (1932) = lifeboat n.; lifeship n.
esp v. (1949) to use extrasensory powers (on); as: to communicate with (a person) telepathically; to send (a message) telepathically; to analyze (a person, place, etc.) using extrasensory powers
esper n. (1942) a person or being with extrasensory powers
ET n. (1939) = alien n.
Europan n. 1 (1930) a native or inhabitant of the Jovian moon Europa
Europan n. 2 (1930) the language of Europans
Europan adj. (1931) of or relating to the Jovian moon Europa or its inhabitants
everywhen n. (1942) (in time-travel contexts) all points in time
everywhen adv. (1943) (in time-travel contexts) in or to all points in time
extraterrestrial n. (1939) a creature not from Earth
extraterrestrial adj. (1854) existing or originating outside the earth or its atmosphere
eyetracks n. (1952) imaginary marks left on a book by the act of reading it
faan n. (1953) a science fiction fan, esp. one regarded as non-serious, or devoted more to fandom than to science fiction itself; cf. sercon adj.
faanish adj. (1959) of or relating to fandom, esp. on a superficial level; typical of a faan n.
face plate n. (1930) the transparent window of a spacesuitโ€™s helmet
fanac n. (1956) activity related to a particular fandom, usually science fiction, such as publishing fanzines or writing letters to fanzines
fanarchist n. (1955) a fan who shuns organized fandom; a fan who advocates for anarchy
fanarchistic adj. (1944) preferring to avoid organized forms of fandom
fanboy n. (1919) a male fan (in later use chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one
fandom n. (1936) science-fiction fans collectively; the state or attitude of being a science-fiction fan
fanfic n. (1968) = fan fiction n.
fan fiction n. (1938) fiction, usually fantasy or science fiction, written by a fan rather than a professional author, esp. that based on already-existing characters from a television series, book, film, etc.; (also) a piece of such writing