Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1930 spaceport n. (1930) a base from which spacecraft are launched; a base at which spaceships take off and land
1930 space station n. (1930) a large artificial satellite used as a long-term base for operations in space
1930 space-travelling adj. (1930) capable of space travel; that travels in space
1930 spacewalker n. (1930) a machine designed to enable a person to walk in space
1930 sub-ether n. (1930) the medium through which faster-than-light signals propagate, sometimes conceived as being on a smaller scale than "ether"
1930 Tellus n. (1930) the planet Earth
1930 terrestrian adj. (1930) of Earth
1930 Terrestrian n. (1930) a native or inhabitant of earth; = Terrestrial n.
1930 Vegan n. 1 (1930) a native or inhabitant of the solar system of the star Vega
1930 Vegan adj. (1930) of or pertaining to the star Vega, or the natives or inhabitants of its solar system
1930 viewscreen n. (1930) a television or similar electronic display screen for viewing images or data
1930 vision plate n. (1930) = viewscreen n.
1930 visiplate n. (1930) = viewscreen n.
1931 Alpha Centaurian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the Alpha Centauri star system; cf. Centaurian n.
1931 astrogation n. (1931) the act of navigation in space, esp. by means of the observation of celestial objects
1931 astrogator n. (1931) one who practices astrogation; (also) an instrument used for this purpose
1931 avian adj. (1931) (of an alien) bird-like
1931 Centaurian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of the constellation Centaurus or of a star system within it, esp. Alpha Centauri; cf. Alpha Centaurian n.
1931 deflector n. (1931) a force field that protects something (such as a spaceship or a city) from potentially harmful objects or energy; a beam of energy that repels such objects; cf. shield n.
1931 dimensional adj. (1931) between dimensions; joining dimensions
1931 disruptor n. (1931) a type of energy weapon; a weapon that disrupts some function of its target, as an object’s molecular bonds
1931 Europan adj. (1931) of or relating to the Jovian moon Europa or its inhabitants
1931 flame pistol n. (1931) a pistol that shoots flames; cf. flame gun n.
1931 force field n. (1931) a field of force that acts as an invisible barrier
1931 free fall n. (1931) a condition of weightlessness
1931 future war n. (1931) a subgenre of science fiction dealing with warfare and how it will be practiced in the future
1931 Ganymedian adj. (1931) of, relating to, or from Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
1931 Ganymedian n. (1931) a native or inhabitant of Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
1931 gate n. (1931) a matter transmission device, esp. a portal or device through which a being, spaceship, etc. may be (instantaneously) transported to another point in space or time, or into another dimension
1931 Luna n. (1931) Earth’s moon
1931 matter transmission n. (1931) the transportation of material objects by a process analogous to radio transmission; cf. matter transmitter n.
1931 matter transmitter n. (1931) a device for conveying matter over a distance by transforming it into energy or information, beaming this to another location, and reconstituting the original matter at the destination; cf. matter transmission n.
1931 midspace adj. (1931) occurring in midspace n.