Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1970 mind-control v. (1970) to use mind control on (a person); to control or influence (a person) telepathically
1970 shapeshift v. (1970) to change shape, by a natural capability, and adopt the form and sometimes abilities of an animal or other being
1970 Singularity n. (1970) the transition to posthumanity
1970 smof n. (1970) a fan who is very active in fandom and in particular with organizing conventions
1970 supervillainess n. (1970) a woman who uses superpowers or superscience for malevolent purposes; a female supervillain n.
1969 biosuit n. (1969) any of various protective garments, as: a suit designed to protect the wearer from biological hazards; a protective suit made of biological materials; a relatively flexible and lightweight spacesuit
1969 bot n. (1969) a robot
1969 Clarke orbit n. (1969) geosynchronous orbit
1969 cold sleeper n. (1969) a person in cold sleep
1969 genetically engineered adj. (1969) produced by genetic engineering n.
1969 holoscreen n. (1969) a screen that displays a hologram
1969 NAFAL adj. (1969) of space travel: at relativistic speed; of a spaceship: capable of travelling at relativistic speed
1969 organlegging n. (1969) the illegal trading of human organs for transplant; cf. organlegger n.
1969 subjunctivity n. (1969) the relationship between reality and something portrayed in a text
1969 Tardis n. 2 (1969) (literally or figuratively) something with a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests
1969 time lord n. (1969) in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Gallifrey who are able to control time-travel technology
1969 time warp v. (1969) transitive to transport (something) from one time to another by a time warp; also intransitive with reflexive or passive meaning
1969 trekkie n. (1969) an admirer of the U.S. television programme Star Trek
1968 cloaking device n. (1968) a device for rendering something invisible or undetectable
1968 fanfic n. (1968) = fan fiction n.
1968 filksing n. (1968) a session or event of filk singing
1968 holocam n. (1968) a device that takes holographic images
1968 holovision n. (1968) = tri-v n.
1968 in-system adj. (1968) of or relating to the area within a solar system; operating only within a solar system; cf. intersystem adj.
1968 mind-meld n. (1968) a technique for the psychic fusion of two or more minds, permitting unrestricted communication or deep understanding; the act or an instance of doing this; cf. earlier mindlink n.
1968 mindmelding n. (1968) = mind-meld n.
1968 New Wave n. (1968) a loose movement in science fiction writing from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s, characterized by an experimental approach to narrative structures and language and an emphasis on nuanced social, moral, or psychological conflict rather than on technological concerns
1968 photon torpedo n. (1968) in the fictional universe of the Star Trek franchise: a ship-based weapon in which a destructive force is generated by a collision of matter and antimatter
1968 post-apocalypse adj. (1968) = post-apocalyptic adj.
1968 sleeper ship n. (1968) a spaceship in which most or all of the passengers are in some form of suspended animation such as cold sleep in order to avoid aging during a very long voyage
1968 smof v. (1968) to talk with fans about organizing conventions or related fan activity
1968 sonic screwdriver n. (1968) in the British television series Doctor Who: a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions