Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1928 videophone n. (1928) a telephone system that transmits video as well as audio; a telephone that incorporates a video screen on which the other party may be seen
1928 viewplate n. (1928) = visiplate n.
1929 contragravity n. (1929) = antigravity n.
1929 Earthward adj. (1929) facing toward the planet Earth
1929 feelie n. (1929) a motion picture augmented by tactile effects which are felt by the viewer; chiefly in plural (frequently with the): the screening of such pictures; such pictures as a type of entertainment
1929 force beam n. (1929) = tractor beam n.; = pressor beam n.
1929 graviton n. (1929) a subatomic particle thought of as propagating the action of gravitational force
1929 gravitonic adj. (1929) of or relating to gravitons
1929 planetless adj. (1929) of a star: having no orbiting planets; (occasionally, of people) having no home planet; homeless in space
1929 pseudopod n. (1929) a temporary functional limb extended from the body of an amorphous being
1929 raise v. (1929) to cause (a spaceship) to lift off a planet; (of a spaceship) to lift off a planet
1929 ray pistol n. (1929) a handheld ray gun n.
1929 science-fictionist n. (1929) a writer or aficionado of science fiction n. 2
1929 scientifictional adj. (1929) being, pertaining to, or characteristic of scientifiction n.
1929 scientifictionist n. (1929) a fan or writer of science fiction n. 2
1929 sf n. (1929) = science fiction n. 2
1929 Sol n. 1 (1929) the star that Earth orbits; the Sun
1929 space bus n. (1929) a spacecraft designed to ferry people (and sometimes freight) short distances
1929 spacecraft n. (1929) any vehicle designed to travel in space
1929 space fiction n. (1929) science fiction set in space or on other worlds, or involving space travel n.
1929 space gun n. 1 (1929) a large gun which projects a spacecraft into space; (also) a hand-held gun whose recoil is used by an astronaut for propulsion
1929 space suit n. (1929) a sealed and pressurized garment designed to protect the wearer against the conditions of space; cf. earlier suit n.
1929 space vessel n. (1929) = spaceship n.
1929 star system n. (1929) a planetary system; = solar system n.
1929 super-science n. (1929) extremely advanced science
1930 airlock n. (1930) a small intermediate compartment with controlled pressure and two airtight doors, used to facilitate movement between the interior and exterior of a spacecraft; (also) either of the doors to such a compartment; cf. space lock n.
1930 Aldebaranian n. 1 (1930) a native or inhabitant of the Aldebaran system
1930 Earthbound adj. 2 (1930) based on Earth; unable to leave Earth
1930 Europan n. 1 (1930) a native or inhabitant of the Jovian moon Europa
1930 Europan n. 2 (1930) the language of Europans
1930 face plate n. (1930) the transparent window of a spacesuit’s helmet
1930 fantastic adj. (1930) having the quality of fantasy n. 1
1930 flame pistol n. (1930) a pistol that shoots flames; cf. flame gun n.
1930 glassite n. (1930) a strong transparent synthetic material; an artificial substitute for glass
1930 gravity n. (1930) = gee n. 2
1930 gravity plate n. (1930) a device that creates or nullifies the effects of gravity
1930 groundcar n. (1930) a car incapable of flight (in contrast with an aircar n.)