Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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First date Word Definition
1927 weird science n. (1927) a genre that combines elements of weird with science fiction
1928 Earthbound adj. 1 (1928) headed toward Earth
1928 earthlike adj. (1928) resembling or like the Earth
1928 fanmag n. (1928) a magazine for fans; (specif.) = fanzine n.
1928 faster than light adv. (1928) at a speed faster than that of light
1928 floater n. (1928) a vehicle or device powered by antigravity; (specif.) an antigravity platform that flies relatively close to the ground
1928 Ganymedian adj. (1928) of, relating to, or from Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
1928 Ganymedian n. (1928) a native or inhabitant of Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter
1928 gateway n. (1928) a portal allowing travel or communication between dimensions, alternate universes, etc.; = gate n.
1928 hyperspace n. (1928) a dimension or other theoretical region that coexists with our own but typically has different physical laws, esp. such a region that allows travel through it such that the total journey occurs at faster-than-light speeds; cf. hyperdrive n.
1928 Lunite n. (1928) a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunarite n.
1928 motherworld n. (1928) the planet on which a species originated; cf. homeworld n.
1928 pressure suit n. (1928) = space suit n.
1928 robotic adj. (1928) of the nature of a robot; of or relating to robots; (also) that is a robot
1928 rocketeer n. (1928) a person who experiments with, pilots, or travels in a rocket
1928 spaceboat n. (1928) = spaceship n.; (sometimes specif.) a small spacecraft
1928 space-bound adj. 1 (1928) restricted to space
1928 space car n. (1928) = spacecraft n.
1928 space flyer n. 2 (1928) a space traveller; an astronaut
1928 space lane n. (1928) an established route through space
1928 space navigation n. (1928) navigation in space; = astrogation n.
1928 space traveller n. (1928) a traveller in outer space
1928 space travelling n. (1928) travelling through outer space
1928 space vehicle n. (1928) = spacecraft n.
1928 super-scientist n. (1928) a person who studies, or creates inventions using, superscience n.
1928 ultraphone n. (1928) a communications device that transmits messages faster than the speed of light
1928 videophone n. (1928) a telephone system that transmits video as well as audio; a telephone that incorporates a video screen on which the other party may be seen
1928 viewplate n. (1928) = visiplate n.
1929 contragravity n. (1929) = antigravity n.
1929 Earthward adj. (1929) facing toward Earth
1929 feelie n. (1929) a motion picture augmented by tactile effects which are felt by the viewer; chiefly in plural (frequently with the): the screening of such pictures; such pictures as a type of entertainment
1929 force beam n. (1929) = tractor beam n.; = pressor beam n.
1929 graviton n. (1929) a subatomic particle thought of as propagating the action of gravitational force