Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

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Word Definition
eetee n. (1953) = ET n.
egoboo n. (1946) the gratification of seeing one’s name in print
elsewhen n. (1943) (in time-travel contexts) another time
elsewhen adv. (1940) (in time-travel contexts) at or to another point in time
empath n. (1956) a person or being with the paranormal ability to perceive or share the feelings or emotional state of another
empathic adj. (1959) having the ability of an empath n.
empathist n. (1952) a person or being with the paranormal ability to perceive or share the feelings or emotional state of another; cf. empath n.
empathy n. (1956) the paranormal perception of others’ emotions; cf. empath n.
energy n. (1898) energy portrayed as something which can be produced in a particular form, such as a projectile, beam, or wave, and transferred (typically with destructive effect) to a body upon contact
energy gun n. (1917) a weapon firing a beam of energy n.; = ray gun n.
energy rifle n. (1934) an energy gun in the form of a long shoulder weapon
energy screen n. (1932) a barrier made of or against energy; a force field n.
energy vampire n. (1967) a being that feeds on energy (in various senses)
energy weapon n. (1941) a weapon that fires a beam of energy; cf. earlier energy gun n.
epic fantasy n. (1961) = high fantasy n.
escape pod n. (1976) a small, minimally equipped spacecraft for emergency use; = lifeboat n.
escape ship n. (1932) = lifeboat n.; lifeship n.
esp v. (1949) to use extrasensory powers
esper n. (1942) a person or being with extrasensory powers
ET n. (1939) = alien n.
everywhen n. (1942) (in time-travel contexts) all points in time
everywhen adv. (1942) (in time-travel contexts) in or to all points in time
extraterrestrial n. (1939) a creature not from Earth
extraterrestrial adj. (1854) existing or originating outside the earth or its atmosphere
eyetracks n. (1952) imaginary marks left on a book by the act of reading it
faan n. (1953) a science fiction fan, esp. one regarded as non-serious, or devoted more to fandom than to science fiction itself; cf. sercon adj.
faanish adj. (1959) of or relating to fandom, esp. on a superficial level; typical of a faan n.
face plate n. (1930) the transparent window of a spacesuit’s helmet
fanac n. (1956) activity related to a particular fandom, usually science fiction, such as publishing fanzines or writing letters to fanzines
fanarchist n. (1955) a fan who shuns organized fandom; a fan who advocates for anarchy
fanarchistic adj. (1944) preferring to avoid organized forms of fandom